Emergency loans

Limited cash loans of up to £250 are available to students who have experienced a delay in their normal funding being paid.

If you are in immediate financial need because your normal funding (a loan or scholarship, for example) has been delayed, you can apply for an emergency loan. Loans of up to £250, interest free, are available and are usually made for one month.


To qualify for an emergency loan you must:

  • be fully enrolled on a full-time or part-time programme at UCL - students on time-limited enrolment are not normally eligible
  • be experiencing a delay in your student financing and be able to provide proof if requested
  • have exhausted all other avenues of emergency funds, such as asking friends or family for help or using your overdraft facility
  • have not received a previous emergency loan in the same academic year
  • have repaid any previous emergency loan within the one month period without extending or defaulting on the loan
  • not be in debt to UCL at the time of the request, for tuition or accommodation fees for example

How to apply

To apply for a loan you must: 

Log in to askUCL, select Log an Enquiry and choose Emergency Loans as the category

Attach the questionnaire and send your enquiry.

A member of our team will email your UCL email address with a decision within 48 hours.

Collecting your money

From 28th January 2020, if you are approved for an emergency loan you will need to go to UCL Financial Services Office in 1 St Martin’s le Grand to sign and collect the paperwork and a cheque. You will then have to travel to the Barclays Bank in Tottenham Court Road to cash the cheque. 

You must cash this cheque on the same day it was issued. You should allow about an hour for the collection process. Loans can only be paid in this way, we are not able to pay them directly into bank accounts.

If you are on a Study Abroad programme and would like to enquire about a loan you should send an enquiry. To do this, log into askUCL, select Log an Enquiry and choose Emergency Loans as the category

Repaying your loan

Your loan should be repaid online.

If you do not repay your loan on time you will not be able to take out a further emergency loan. Non-payment may result in further action being taken by UCL to collect, which can include formal proceeding through a third-party collection agency.

If you are unable to repay the loan by the agreed deadline, contact the Student Funding team. To do this, log into askUCL, select Log an Enquiry and choose Emergency Loans as the category. Explain your circumstances and give a date by which you will be able to make a payment. Your request will be considered by the student funding manager.