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Information about your Studentship


Payment of a studentship is normally made through an online system linked to your student record as follows:

Step 1:Your academic department enters and approves the studentship payment dates and amounts onto the Portico system (using a Form 'S')
Step 2:UCL's Research Administration unit (or departmental Finance officers) check the information entered by an academic department, and within 5 working days they approve or reject the request
Step 3:Once approved an automated email is sent to the student and departmental inputter, confirming the payment schedule and amounts. This email also contains information on how to set up payment via BACS
Step 4:Stipend payments are processed automatically by the Portico system (provided the student is fully enrolled) in line with the payment schedule
Step 5:UCL's Accounts Payable team make payments via BACS

If your studentship covers tuition fees, your online Portico record will reflect the payment once the information has been entered onto the system and approved as per steps 1 and 2 above.

If you have any questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact your academic department (usually the research administrator).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my studentship has been processed?

Once your department has entered your studentship onto the system, and it has been approved by Research Administration (or your Departmental Finance Office), you will receive an automated email containing details of the payment schedule and amounts.

What should I do if I haven’t received the automated email?

The automated email is your indication that your funding has been entered onto the system. If you have not received the email, but are expecting to receive a stipend payment, contact your academic department or programme administrator immediately to query this.

I have received the automated email but the payment dates & amounts are missing; who should I contact?

Contact Student Funding and they will be able to confirm the payment amounts & dates and resend the automated email for you.

When will I be paid?

Details of the payment schedule will be listed on the automated email. If you are unsure, you can contact Student Funding for clarification.

How will I be paid?

Your award will be paid directly into your UK bank account.  Please ensure that you have entered your bank details into Portico in order to receive your payment.  

How can I log my bank details?

To log your UK bank details on Portico you will need to go to the “My Money” section, select the “View/update your bank details” option and enter them under the “Studentship Stipend” heading. Please ensure that a reference is entered; the reference is for your information only and is the wording that will appear on your bank statement when the stipend is paid in.

Why haven’t I been paid?

Payments will only be released to students who are fully enrolled and who have entered their bank details into Portico. If you are not yet enrolled (e.g. you are “pre-enrolled”) or you are "inerrupting," your stipend will be placed on hold.

Payment will be made within 10 working days of you becoming fully enrolled and entering your bank details into Portico.

I’m fully enrolled, so why hasn’t my stipend been paid?

If you are fully enrolled, have entered your bank details into Portico and have received the automated email confirming your studentship has been entered onto the system but haven’t received any payments, please contact Student Funding directly.

My stipend has been delayed but I have payments that need to be made; what can I do?

In the event that your stipend is delayed, the Student Funding Office can administer emergency loans.

You should also contact your department to see if they are able to raise the payment any quicker or offer any emergency funding.

I’ve started part-way through the year & my payment schedule shows dates in the past; what does this mean?

You should receive your first stipend payment within 10 working days of becoming fully enrolled and entering your UK bank details into Portico. The system is designed with only 12 set payment dates for the academic year and can only schedule payments against these 12 dates – payments will still be processed even if the date has passed, so you shouldn’t experience any delays.

Please contact your department or Student Funding if you are concerned about your payment schedule.

I’ve started part-way through the year and my payment schedule indicates that my first payment won't be for at least three weeks; can I change this?

If you commence your studies part-way through the academic year, and your first payment date is more than three weeks in the future, please contact your department to discuss rearranging the payment schedule.

Alternatively, you can contact Student Funding who can contact your department on your behalf.

Can I be paid termly?

Unfortunately no, your studentship will be paid on a monthly basis.

I thought my stipend payments would be higher than they are; who can I check this with?

If you think your stipend amount should be higher, please contact your department immediately to confirm your annual amount.

I’ve been overpaid; how can I return the funds?

In the event that you are overpaid, you should contact your department immediately – you may have to repay some funds, or the department may amend/withhold future payments.

Who can I contact if I have a query about my studentship?

In the first instance you should contact your department; specifically, the staff member who is indicated on your automated email (their name and email address should appear on the email).

You can also contact Student Funding, particularly if you need advice on how, or when your stipend will be paid. If you are unsure who in your department to contact, or are having trouble getting in touch with them please contact the Student Funding Office.

I need an official letter confirming my Studentship; how can I get one?

Your department will be able to produce a letter for you – it would be best to contact the member of staff whose details are on the automated email you received.

I’m interrupting, what happens to my studentship?

This is something you should discuss with your department directly – they will be able to confirm any conditions associated with your studentship. In regards to maternity leave, you may be entitled to maternity pay whilst interrupting – your department will be able to confirm that for you.

My studentship payments have been considerably delayed; how can I make a complaint?

In the event that you feel the need to complain, please speak with your department directly and they should be able to assist you with addressing your complaint to the correct place. Alternatively, you can contact Student Funding if you do not wish to contact your department.