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RIBA Part 1 and RIBA Part 2

Funding for architecture students on UCL's RIBA Part 1 and RIBA Part 2 is slightly different to other programmes.

Funding for RIBA Part 1 and RIBA Part 2

Eligible full-time UK and EU students may apply for and receive undergraduate student support (tuition fee loan and maintenance loan plus supplementary grants) from their funding provider (Student Finance England, Wales, Northern Ireland and SAAS) for both their RIBA Part 1 and RIBA Part 2 (even though Part 2 is a postgraduate course).

Current student support regulations permit students to change institutions between the Part 1 and Part 2 stages. Student Finance will view RIBA Part 1 and RIBA Part 2 as a single course if studied on a full-time basis, as long as:

  • No more than three academic years have elapsed between finishing Part 1 and starting Part 2
  • The student does not change their mode of study (e.g. from full-time to part-time study)
  • The student does not undertake a specialist Masters programme after Part 1, prior to starting Part 2

If any of the above have occurred, Student Finance may no longer consider Part 1 and Part 2 as the same course – and these students should check their funding provider for the implications on their eligibility for RIBA Part 2 funding.

To receive undergraduate funding, students should select the course 'Architecture, Integrated Master's Degree' SLC course code 870276 when making their Student Finance application.

Part 2 funding if Part 1 was not undertaken on a 'RIBA Validated Course'

Students whose undergraduate degree is not a RIBA Validated Course will not be considered eligible for undergraduate support from Student Finance for their Part 2, even if they meet the other eligibility criteria.

However in circumstances such as this, eligible UK and EU students can apply for the Student Finance Master’s Loan providing they meet the relevant eligibility criteria for that product.

These students should however bear in mind that the Postgraduate Master’s Loan will be divided equally over the two years of study and will not cover the total cost of study.

If you are ineligible for undergraduate funding for your Part 2 and would like to apply for the Postgraduate Master's Loan from Student Finance, please contact the Student Funding team: studentfunding@ucl.ac.uk 

UCL Undergraduate Bursary

RIBA Part 1 students are eligible for the UCL Undergraduate Bursary, whereas RIBA Part 2 students are not.

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