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Emergency Loans

Limited cash loans (maximum value £250) are available to assist students who find themselves in immediate financial need due to a delay in the payment of their normal student funding (e.g. maintenance loan, research stipend, scholarship).

Loans are made on a short-term basis, usually for one month and are interest free.


Students must:

  • Be fully enrolled on a FT or PT programme at UCL. Students on 'Time-limited Enrolment' are not eligible.
  • Be experiencing a delay in their student funding and provide proof of the delay if requested.
  • Have exhausted all other avenues of emergency funding, for example, by asking friends and family for assistance, or your bank overdraft facility.
  • Not have already received an emergency loan in the same academic year. Only one emergency loan may be issued to a student each year.
  • Have repaid any previous emergency loan(s) within the one month repayment period and not have gone beyond the agreed deadline, at any time previously.  We cannot assist students who have defaulted on previous loans.
  • Not be in debt to UCL at the time of the loan request (e.g. for tuition fees, accommodation fees, student fines). 
Application process

To apply for a loan, students must complete an Emergency Loan Questionnaire and  return it via email to the Student Funding Office (contact details below).  A member of staff will then contact you, via email to your UCL email address within 48 hours with a decision on the loan.

If a loan is approved, you will be asked to visit us at the Student Centre (address below) at an appointed time to sign for and collect some paperwork which you will then need to take to the UCL Financial Services Office at 1-19 Torrington Place who will process a cash cheque for you. 

From the Financial Services Office, you will be directed to a specific branch of Barclays Bank who will pay you the loan in cash. You must be able to cash this cheque on the same day that it is issued. Please allow approximately 1 hour to complete the whole process. 

Loans cannot be paid into bank accounts and must be collected as a cash cheque and taken to the bank on a specific date.

However, if you are on Study Abroad and would like to enquire about a loan, please contact the Student Funding Office via email, to discuss further.

Loan repayment

Loans should be repaid online at https://payonline.ucl.ac.uk

Failure to repay a loan will prevent a student from taking out further emergency loans and may result in further action being taken by UCL to collect (which can include formal proceedings through a third party collection agency).

If you are unable to repay the loan by the agreed deadline, please send us an email with full details of your circumstances, stating a date by which you will be able to repay the loan. Your request will be considered by the Student Funding Manager.

Contact Details

Student Funding Office -

UCL Student & Registry Services, Student Centre, Chadwick Building (Main Gower Street Campus)
Tel: 020 7679 0004
Fax: 020 7679 2724
Email: studentfunding@ucl.ac.uk

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