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The email and calendar service is called live@UCL. Find out here how to use the service and get help.

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What is my email address?

When you join UCL and activate your new email account you will receive an email from Postmaster notifying you of your email address. 

You will receive this email on your start date.

What is the difference between my live login ID and my email address? is called your Windows Live ID and should be used to log in to your live@UCL account via Outlook Web App. It is just an ID. on the other hand is your actual email address and this is the address that you should distribute to people you know.

Although the Windows Live ID ( works, and you will not have lost email if people have sent messages to you via your ID, you should now get in the habit of distributing your actual email address instead.

If you were to experience any issues with your account, it would be easier for UCL support staff to investigate and provide assistance if the messages were coming via your actual email address:

How do I change my email address to include my preferred forename?

If you wish to have an email address with a different name you will need to email Postmaster to request this who will be able to set this up for you (provided there are no clashes with existing email addresses).

If you are a student, the ".14" (or ".13" or".12" depending on when you started) will remain in your email address.

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