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Managing your calendar, granting someone access and resource calendars.

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All staff and students are given a calendar as part of their UCL mailbox (live@UCL). You can use this calendar to schedule online/in-person meetings with others or to record your availability.

Who can see my calendar?

Some departments within UCL have implemented a policy to allow colleagues to view eachother's calendars. ISD IT Services can confirm if this is the case for your department. You can also share your calendar yourself with others at UCL (see: How do I share my calendar or change the permissions?).

If you would like someone to manage your appointments on your behalf, you can set delegate access on your calendar.

If you are a departmental administrator or a head of department and would like to set a department calendar policy, please contact ISD IT Services.

How do I open a calendar or book a meeting?

See the Calendar How-To guide section of your chosen email client for further guidance.

How do I share my calendar or change the permissions?

See the How-To guides below:

I would like to set a delegate to manage my calendar.

See the How-To guides below:

Resource calendars (rooms, equipment, admin)

Resource calendars can be used to book a room, equipment (such as a shared laptop) or for administrative purposes (to record important dates/events for example). Your department will be able to confirm whether your local meeting rooms are bookable through the calendar. Note: Central room bookings still maintain centrally bookable spaces.

See Using a resource calendar for further information.

How-to guides

Supported applications

Alternative applications

All other email clients are unsupported and the documentations created are for reference only. IT Services can only provide limited support for these. See Alternative desktop applications for more information.