Academic Integrity

What is Academic Integrity, why is it important, and what happens if you breach it?

Academic Integrity means being honest in your academic work, and making sure that you formally recognise and reference the existing knowledge and ideas on which your work is based.

If you do not acknowledge the work or ideas of others, you could be penalised for Academic Misconduct, which is defined as any action or attempted action that may result in you obtaining an unfair academic advantage.

New guidance on the use of AI in assessment 

This newly published student briefing on how you might engage with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your assessments, effectively and ethically. 

About Academic Integrity

What is Academic Integrity?

Find out what Academic Integrity is and why it is important.

Understanding Academic Integrity

Understanding Academic Integrity

UCL's online and self-paced course to help you understand Academic Integrity.

Useful Resources

Useful Resources

Useful resources and courses related to Academic Integrity.

About Academic Misconduct

What is Academic Misconduct?

Find out what Academic Misconduct is and what happens if you are accused of it.

Academic Misconduct Panel

Academic Misconduct Panel

Important information for students attending Academic Misconduct Panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs relating to Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct