Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs relating to Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct

Frequently Asked Questions

I've received an Examination Hall Warning - what happens next?

If you have received an Examination Hall Warning you should read Chapter 6 of the Academic Manual, Section 9.4. Some minor misconduct will not result in any further action, but more serious offences will be referred to a panel and may result in penalties being applied.  UCL strongly urges all candidates to read the UCL Examination Guide for Candidates to make sure they understand what might be flagged as misconduct in the exam halls.

Is it possible to Plagiarise under exam conditions?

Yes - in both open and closed book exams, it is still plagiarism if you present other people’s work or ideas as your own without appropriate referencing or acknowledgement.

Does Academic Misconduct go on my transcript or references?

Academic Misconduct is not explicitly highlighted on your transcript - if you have had to Resit as a consequence, it will show on the transcript as a 2nd attempt like any other reassessment.

Your department will not normally mention Academic Misconduct in any references provided unless they believe it to be directly relevant to the duty of care owed to the recipient of the reference, i.e. relevant to the job or programme that the student has applied for.

I'm on an accredited programme - what happens for me?

Some programmes have an external accrediting body, and require UCL to inform them of any confirmed Academic Misconduct, You may also be subject to fitness to practise procedures if these are relevant to your field.

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