Undergraduate prospectus 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

Read the most frequently asked questions for applicants applying to Undergraduate degree programmes at UCL.


Does UCL accept Extra or Late applications?

Typically, UCL will only have a small number of programmes open to Late or Extra applications.  To find out which programmes are still considering Extra or Late applications please check at UCAS or contact us.

Do I need to send any additional documents or information in support of my application?

We kindly request that you do not send documents such as additional references, supporting statements or extracurricular certificates to UCL unless you are asked to do so. If you do, please note that we will not add these to your application or use them to assess your application. If we require any additional documents to process your application we will contact you by email and ask you to upload them securely to your Applicant Portal.

Information that is required for your application is detailed in the UCAS application process.

Please ensure you complete your application thoroughly otherwise this may delay a decision being made on your application.

Does UCL interview all applicants?

UCL only interviews for a select number of programmes, for example Medicine. However, a number of programmes have an additional task or assessment as part of their selection process. Please check the prospectus entry for the programme you are interested in for further details.

I am resitting my examinations, can I still apply for an undergraduate programme?

Resits are generally considered for the majority of our programmes, however, any departments who do not consider resits will outline this clearly within our published entrance requirements. Where resits have been attempted more than once, this may put you at a disadvantage due to the competitive nature of admissions for many of our programmes.

I am currently enrolled at another university but would like to apply to UCL. How do I submit an application?

You will need to apply through UCAS by the equal consideration deadline in January, providing a reference from your current institution. Once your application has been received we will request a copy of your university transcript.

Please note, if the programme you have applied for does not accept year 2 entry then your application will be considered for year 1 entry only.

How do I apply for an undergraduate programme?

Applications for our undergraduate degree programmes are made through UCAS - the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. Our UCAS code is UCL U80 - there is no campus code. Applications can be made from the September before your intended year of entry.

Can I apply for more than one undergraduate programme?

Yes, you can apply to more than one course at UCL. However please be aware that not all programmes at UCL accept an additional personal statement.If the courses you are considering are very different, please contact us for advice before you apply and state your programme choices and reason for applying for more than one course.

I was a UCL conditional firm offer holder from the 2021 admissions cycle and am interested in the Autumn offer scheme, what do I need to do?  

If you were an UCL offer holder who held a conditional firm offer with UCL from the 2021 admissions cycle and decide to take Autumn exams, you are welcome to re-apply and be guaranteed your original offer on the basis of your Autumn results only. Applicants to courses with interviews or a selection task would not be asked to do these again. Please note that if you sat Autumn exams in 2020 and you plan to take them in 2021 then this scheme will not apply to you.
You will be required to re-apply by the UCAS equal consideration application deadline, 15th October 2021 for Medicine and for all other courses, 26th January 2022. You must apply for the same programme as your original offer and take the same subject(s) with the same examination board.
If you are not applying for Medicine then you are encouraged to apply using the results of your Autumn exams which you should receive on 16th December 2021.  If you apply to UCL without your results, then we will contact you directly to explain what information we need from you and how you should submit your results to us. Please note, the deadline to submit results is 26th January 2022.
If you do decide to take Autumn exams please complete the following short form with your details by the relevant UCAS application deadline for your programme in order to be considered for the guaranteed offer. Those who do not complete the form may not receive an offer within the 2022 admissions cycle.

I am not a UCL conditional firm offer holder, but have decided to take Autumn exams. Will you consider my autumn results as re-sits?

We are happy to consider Autumn results and they will not be viewed as re-sits in this case. Please note, that your application would be considered in competition with the 2022 cohort of students. Please note that if you sat Autumn exams in 2020 and then you decide to sit Autumn exams in 2021 we will consider this as a re-sit.

I am studying more than 3 A level’s how will you view my application?

We will consider the 3 most relevant A levels to your programme of study.  If you are studying more than three A levels or equivalent your offer may be based on the three most relevant subjects for your degree choice. If you have studied A levels at an accelerated rate, and you have therefore completed this study alongside your GCSE level study, we may stipulate the A levels you are currently studying in your offer conditions. 

When should I expect to have a decision on my application?

Our degree programmes attract a large number of well qualified applicants, so it may be some time before we can give you a final decision. We shall, however, consider your application as quickly as we can, as we appreciate waiting for a university decision can be an anxious time. It is quite usual for some applicants to hear sooner than others, but this doesn't mean that your application will be unsuccessful if you don't get a quick response from us. We aim to communicate all decisions by the end of April at the latest, but we work hard to make sure we can get a decision out sooner.

I've been told my application is in a gathered field, what does this mean?

Our degree programmes attract a large number of talented and well qualified applicants, and as such we use a 'gathered field' approach in assessing applications. A gathered field approach is used in some of our most heavily oversubscribed courses. If your application is currently in a gathered field, this means we will need to wait until a sufficient number of comparable applications have been received to make a decision. 

Foundation courses

Does UCL offer integrated foundation courses? 

UCL does not offer any integrated foundation courses. All applications received by UCL for a foundation year through UCAS will automatically be considered for year 1 entry. 

However, UCL does offer an Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate (International Foundation) for international students whose home qualifications do not allow direct entry to UCL Undergraduate degrees. Please email upc@ucl.ac.uk for any further questions.

I am currently completing a Foundation degree. Am I eligible to study at UCL? 

UCL considers a small number of Foundation degrees. Please contact us directly for further guidance.

Entry requirements

Does UCL permit advanced (second year) entry or transfers to an undergraduate degree programme? 

UCL considers advanced entry and transfers into the second year of an undergraduate programme for a limited number of programmes. Please note UCL does not consider entry into year 3 of any of its undergraduate programmes. Applications should be made via UCAS by the UCAS equal consideration deadline.

Please be aware that all applicants for second year entry are required to meet our first year entrance requirements as detailed in our prospectus. To find out if the programme you are interested in considers second year entry, contact us. 

Will you accept a mix of qualifications?

While UCL typically prefers applicants to offer qualifications in line with our advertised requirements, it may be possible to consider your application with a mix of different qualifications. We encourage you to contact us prior to applying to discuss this. 

Do you consider applications from mature students?

UCL welcomes applications from mature students. If you are a mature student and have questions about your eligibility, we encourage you to contact us prior to applying. 

Fees and funding

What will my fee status be? 

UCL will determine your fee status in line with regulations published by the UK government. You can find more information about fee status determination on our website:  


Does UCL offer scholarships?

UCL offers a range of scholarships and funding opportunities. You can find more information here:  


Does UCL make contextual offers? 

Access UCL is UCL's contextual offer scheme for students from groups that are underrepresented at UCL. Eligible students who successfully complete the Access UCL scheme will receive a reduced offer of up to two grades below the standard UCL offer for the programme they have applied for.

If you are eligible for Access UCL, your application will be automatically flagged when we receive it. Please see the following link for further information about eligibility and the Access UCL process:  


When can I expect to receive a decision on my fee status?

We will endeavour to provide you with the outcome of your fee status assessment in advance of the UCAS decline by default deadline in June. In some cases, it will not be possible to do this if further information is required from you to inform our decision.