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Affiliated member, Honorary UCL Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

+44 0(20) 7679 7016
LMCB Room 2.11

Research synopsis

I have used both Drosophila and vertebrate model systems to identify and analyse the molecular and genetic mechanisms that establish and regulate spatial organisation in developing embryos.

My studies have led to major advances in our understanding of many distinct and conserved molecular processes that are used to pattern developing animals, including transcriptional repression, mRNA transport and Notch signalling. Developmental contexts on which I have worked include embryonic segmentation (in both Drosophila and vertebrates), sex determination, neurogenesis and oogenesis.

My current focus is on RNA biology, in particular, post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in the Drosophila nervous system, especially in the developing larval brain.

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Research themes

Transcriptional regulation


Light microscopy


Ilan Davis (Dept of Biochemistry, Oxford University, UK)
Tzumin Lee (Janelia Research Campus, Ashburn VA, USA)