LMCB - MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


About our research

Exploiting the power of a range of model organisms and state-of-the-art molecular and imaging technologies, LMCB scientists explore the dynamic control of cellular behaviour and its coordination in a tissue context, during development, homeostasis, regeneration and disease.

Our research themes include:

  • Disease
  • Physical biology of the cell
  • Cell organisation and dynamics
  • Gene expression
  • Cross-scale analysis of cells and tissues
  • Cell growth and division

Our state-of-the-art in-house technology development platforms include:


    The LMCB promotes a culture of local and global collaboration. Its location UCL’s Faculty of Life Sciences facilitates interdisciplinary exchange across UCL departments, and the close proximity of many research centres, including the Francis Crick Institute, Kings College London, Imperial College London and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, encourages a vibrant atmosphere of interactive, ambitious research. The map plots worldwide collaborations by current group leaders.

    Funding & awards

    The LMCB has raised £60M of research funding over the last five years. Of this, the Medical Research Council provides £24M of core funding for infrastructure and research programmes.
    Prestigious awards to investigators include:
    • MRC Programme Grants (Dan Cutler, Mark Marsh, Jason Mercer, Chris Stefan, Ewa Paluch, Adolfo Saiardi, Franck Pichaud)
    • MRC Fellowships and Grants (Yanlan Mao, Alison Lloyd)
    • ERC Grants (Jason Mercer, Ewa Paluch, Sophie Acton)
    • Wellcome Trust Fellowships and Grants (Jonathan Chubb, Buzz Baum, Antonella Riccio, Paul Gissen, Dani Bodor, Melda Tozluoglu)
    • CRUK Fellowships and Grants (Sophie Acton, Buzz Baum, Rob de Bruin, Alison Lloyd)
    • BBSRC Grants and Awards (Buzz Baum, Ricardo Henriques, Jonathan Chubb)
    • British Heart Foundation Awards (Dan Cutler)
    • BSCB Hooke Medal (Ewa Paluch)
    • Philip Leverhulme Prize (Ewa Paluch)
    • L'Oreal-UNESCO Award (Sophie Acton, Yanlan Mao)
    • Lister Institute Prize Fellowship (Yanlan Mao)
    • EU H2020 Collaborative Grant (Sara Mole, coordinator)