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High-content Biology Lab

The High-content Biology Lab (HCBL) provides expertise and cutting-edge technology to facilitate a variety of research projects aimed at understanding fundamental processes in cell biology as well as drug discovery. We offer:

  • Running of high throughput screens with one of our specialists 
  • Support for low to medium throughput projects with assay development and equipment 
  • Facilitation of imaging assays with multiple conditions or readouts including fast response assays 

We support projects and screens using a diverse range of cell models such as yeast, primary mammalian cells, iPS cells, cell lines, single cell layers as well as organoids, spheroids and tissue sections. 

Please see further details of our equipment and capabilities here.

Equipment use

Our lab supports researchers in conducting experiments ranging from small to large in scale.

We offer a diverse selection of laboratory tools for various readouts such as 2D and 3D cell culture, live cell assays, fluorescent and luminescence intensities, cellular metabolic processes, etc. Liquid handlers are also available for siRNA and small molecule management.


We provide training for the instruments, which might benefit your assays and projects.

Assay development

We are committed to helping you with the readout for your experiment or developing an automated assay with you.


We provide RNAi, CRISPR and compound screens.


Following imaging, we offer analysis workstations along with the Columbus image analysis server, to facilitate effortless image analysis from any location. We also work together with the LMCB bioinformatics team for assay analysis and in silico screening.


Our high content microscopes can speed up your imaging assay considerably. A pipettor module to image your fast response assays is also available. We also offer to image your experiment for you.

About the facility

Contact us

Our services are available for UCL staff as well as individuals from other academic or industry backgrounds. Please get in touch with Christin Luft to discuss your project. We will suggest the most suitable assay or instrument and design an experimental plan with you.

Christin Luft (Researcher)
Denise Pilger (Researcher) 


High-throughput screening
High-content screening
siRNA screening
Drug discovery
CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing