LMCB - Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


Research leaders

Sophie Acton head shot
Stromal immunology
Biophysics of genome structure and repair
Stem cell self-renewal in haematopoiesis
Jonathan Chubb head shot
Cellular decision-making
Dan Cutler head shot
Endothelial cell biology
Rob de Bruin head shot
Cell cycle regulated transcription and genome integrity
Ricardo Henriques head shot
Quantitative imaging and nanobiophysics
Robin Ketteler head shot
Cell signalling and autophagy
Alison Lloyd head shot
LMCB Director
Cell biogenesis and tissue regeneration
Yanlan Mao head shot
Tissue mechanics
Mark Marsh head shot
Cellular mechanisms of virus entry and assembly
Sara Mole head shot
Neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinoses / Batten disease
Cell biology of tissue architecture and physiology
Antonella Riccio head shot
Mechanisms of gene expression in neurons
Adolfo Saiardi head shot
Regulation of cell signalling by inositol pyrophosphates
Computational physical biology
Chris Stefan head shot
Organelle cross talk and membrane dynamics

Technology leaders

Janos Kriston Vizi head shot
Janos Kriston-Vizi
Andrew Vaughan head shot
Andrew Vaughan