LMCB - Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


Administrative support

The Administration Team provides a variety of support services including:
  • scientific conference and event support
  • visiting staff and student registration
  • financial management of research grants and other budgets
  • human resources guidance and advice
  • internal and external communications
  • PhD programme support

IT support

The IT Team provides a range of services including:
  • configuration and support of a Secure Data Network
  • assistance for desktop and laptop computers 
  • support for meeting and conference AV requirements
  • provision and maintenance of fast data access and storage solutions
  • provision of bespoke servers

Lab support

The LMCB has a Laboratory Support Team that includes a laboratory manager and deputy, a stores manager and four laboratory assistants. The laboratory manager and deputy provide advice and support for laboratory health and safety, and assist research groups on the preparation and submission of notifications and risk assessments required for their research.
Services include:
  • maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment
  • maintenance of cryo-banks
  • provision of laboratory gas supplies and de-ionised water  
  • 24-hour monitoring of ultra-low temperature freezers
  • waste collection and autoclaving
  • laboratory plastic/glassware washing
  • sterilisation and media preparation
Core facilities and equipment include:
  • two primary tissue culture labs
  • dedicated radio-isotope laboratory
  • multi-use ACDP Biohazard Category 2 virus laboratory
  • state-of-the-art general lab equipment

Support staff

Administrative Services
Claire Hebblethwaite (Head of Administration)
Jazz Dinza (PA to Director)
Julie Fritz (Senior Finance Officer)
Giorgia Siriaco (MarComms/Research Support Manager)
Renata Adamcova (Student and HR Administrative Manager)
Beriten Kaya (Receptionist)
Laboratory Management
Tembi Ferdinand (Laboratory Manager)
Valentina Senatore (Deputy Laboratory Manager)
IT Support
Taru Khanna (IT Officer)
Research Support
Usman Mamsa (Stores Manager)
Cordelia Ugwu (Laboratory Assistant Coordinator)
Chris Chigbo (Laboratory Assistant)
Godwin Okafor (Laboratory Assistant)
Michelle Sheahan (Laboratory Assistant)