Information Services Division


Who we are

ISD is a comprehensive IT function that serves approximately 80,000 regular users and runs 165 applications and 179 technical services. The PS Hub and ISD teams collectively handle over 200,000 requests and incidents annually, maintaining a remarkable customer satisfaction rate of over 93%.

Service performance and improvement plans are guided by a dedicated customer board led by Prof. Ivan Parkin. Our operational structure is centred around agile product teams that collaborate with UCL to drive continuous improvement initiatives across the university. The oversight of our change delivery processes is managed by the Change & Digital Portfolio Review Committee (CDPRC), which oversees governance and budget allocation across our 8 change portfolios.

ISD team members are integrated within UCL's Faculties to oversee Faculty IT operations and ensure local partnerships. Amidst all these responsibilities, our primary focus remains on ensuring the safety and security of UCL's operations.

The Leadership Team

Andy SmithAndy Smith

Chief Information Officer

University College London



Alan HarperAlan Harper

Director, Faculty IT & Partnering

Portfolio Lead, Faculty Operations



Donna SwannDonna Swann

Deputy Director, ARC

Portfolio Lead, Digital Research



Fiona StrawbridgeFiona Strawbridge

Director, Digital Education

Portfolio Lead, Education



James HetheringtonJames Hetherington

Director, ARC

Portfolio Owner, Digital Research



Lloyd NaylorLloyd Naylor

Director, Digital Campus

Portfolio Lead, Campus Experience



Maysaa AbboudMaysaa Abboud

Strategic Development Manager

Information Services Division



Ric PasseyRic Passey

Director, Architecture & Chief Architect

Information Services Division



Sarah LawsonSarah Lawson

CISO and Deputy CIO

Portfolio, Research, Innovation & Ops



Sharvari AndhareSharvari Andhare

Senior Enterprise Architect

Architect People, Money, Insight

Sophie HarrisonSophie Harrison

Director, Agile Product Delivery

Portfolio Lead, People, Money, Insight

Tom CrummeyTom Crummey

Director, IT Service & Operations  

Portfolio Lead, Digital Infrastructure

CIO Functional Organisation Chart

Information Services Division is made up of a large number of functional and operational teams. Check the structure diagram for more information. Click through the image for accessible HTML version of the ISD organisation chart.

Digital Change Portfolio

Click through the image for accessible HTML version of the ISD Change portfolio structure chart.