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Ric Passey

Meet Ric Passey, Director of Architecture (Chief Architect) and Portfolio Lead for Student Experience.

Ric Passey
About Ric

Ric studied Biochemistry at the University of Leeds, before moving on to an MSc in Computer Information Systems at Greenwich University.

After working at UCL at the group, department, institute and faculty levels, he joined ISD as an infrastructure specialist, later transitioning to an architecture role.  

The division of Architecture, which Ric currently leads as Chief Architect and Director of Architecture, is concerned with understanding UCL’s strategies, then considering these against the institution’s current and desired positions.

This happens at various levels – from small product-focused changes, to huge functional transformation.

Working closely with and in portfolio delivery teams, Ric’s group ensures that UCL’s underpinning platforms are heading in the right direction – with the team overseeing plans for changes and impacts to business capability, operations, data, applications and infrastructure. 

Outside Architecture, Ric can also be found within the Student Portfolio as Portfolio Lead, a role which involves providing leadership assistance to the Portfolio Owner. 

While Ric has built up over 25 years of experience in Higher Education and Higher Education systems, he counts his time working at McDonalds as among the greatest contributors to his collected managerial experience.

In his spare time, Ric favours running 5k and 10k races, and has even taken home a few park runs and local event wins. He has two children, currently on their own university journeys, and a wife that works in Medical Literature at the Lancet.