Change Portfolio Structure


Last updated 1st March 2024

Change & Digital Portfolio Review Committee

Change Portfolios

Digital Infrastructure

Unified Voice

Network Platforms

Data Centre Services

Digital Experience

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Records and Workflow

Endpoint Management Platforms

Cloud Platforms

Messaging and Collaboration

Identity and Access

Data Platforms

API and Application Integration

Student lifecycle

Early Marketing & Recruitment

New Student

Current Student

Student Support and Wellbeing

Student Records Platform

CRM Platform


Curriculum Information Management

Learner Engagement

Media Environments

Digital Learning Environments

Assessment & Feedback

People, Money & Insight

Staff Experience

Human resource Management

Financial Management

Enterprise Records

Data and Insights

Research & innovation Operations

Shared Laboratory Resources

Award Lifecycle Support

Research and Innovation Administration

PGR Experience

Research Outputs

Campus Experience

Estates Management

Estates IT

AV & Spaces


Digital Research and Innovation

Research Data Management

ARC Community

HPC Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

ARC Collaborations

ARC Ops & Admin

ARC Education

ARC Infrastructure

ARC Environments

Faculty Operations

Clinical Trials Shared Platforms

Specialist Applications

Digital Development

Specialist Infrastructure

Faculty Change and Development