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Lloyd Naylor

Meet Lloyd Naylor, Director of Digital Campus and Portfolio Lead for Campus Experience.

About Lloyd

Lloyd Naylor
Lloyd began his IT career in the nascent era of the internet in the 90s, with his role allowing him to get a deep understanding of the internet technologies that play such a large part in today’s digital society.

He previously spent several years in manufacturing, managing and improving the order to delivery process. The period instilled a passion within him for customer service.

The combination of technical understanding with customer focus meant that much of Lloyd's subsequent career has been focused on creating and running IT services for varied clients – from local government, right through to major UK broadcasters.

Lloyd joined UCL in 2017, taking accountability for many of the IT teams that are on the front line of service delivery.

Over time, he has simplified services by consolidating delivery and operational teams, encouraging them to work in an integrated way and ultimately allowing them to better focus on customer needs.

Recently, his passion for understanding how technology can improve the physical environment has given him the opportunity to lead a partnership with UCL Estates, bringing focus on the benefits of bringing together the digital and physical campus.

This partnership is already improving how we refresh and think about the future of teaching spaces and the technology used in our buildings.

Longer term, Lloyd is excited by the benefits that could be achieved by implementing smart campus technologies.

Outside of work, it's these very technologies that plague his own family – with an over-engineered smart home, with buttons changing what they do in the house until they are “just right”! His children take revenge through beating him at Xbox games regularly