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Sharvari Andhare

Meet Sharvari Andhare, Senior Enterprise Application Architect.

Sharvari Andhare
About Sharvari

Sharvari, as an Enterprise Architect, helps UCL to bridge the gap between technology and other functions to optimise operations and implement managed, sustainable solutions.

Her current focus is primarily in HR and Finance, with her alignment being Portfolio Architect for the People, Money and Insights portfolio. Sharvari helps identify opportunities and areas for improvement, creating maps for how UCL works and runs digitally.   

Originally from India, Sharvari embarked on her UK journey in 2005, alongside her better half. She studied Computer Science Engineering, with her tech odyssey beginning as a software developer in various IT firms, later evolving into a role as a senior analyst developer at UCL in 2012.

The seeds of her passion for architecture were planted during her involvement in the transformative UCL HR project, MyHR.  

Beyond her core responsibilities, Sharvari wears another hat – assisting the CIO Leadership Team in prioritising issues, facilitating strategic discussions, and fostering efficient decision-making processes by curating comprehensive agendas for team meetings. 

In her personal life, Sharvari enjoys the moments of creativity and intellect –  when not sculpting UCL's digital landscape, you'll find her either painting vibrant canvases, or solving tricky puzzles. She lives with her husband – who is also in the same profession – and two children.