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Brain Repair & Rehabilitation

Head of Department: Professor David Werring

The Brain Repair and Rehabilitation Department is home to a collaboration of interlinked neurological research areas, each one focused on advancing translational scientific knowledge to further patient recovery and management, and educating through teaching and academic supervision. 

The Department encourages collaboration both within its various teams as well as with other departments across the Institute of Neurology, the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, the Faculty of Brain Sciences and UCL at large.

Further information on each of our research areas can be found via the sections below, or please contact us




Evaluation and treatment of autonomic disorders including detailed laboratory testing of cardiovascular autonomic function

Cognitive neurology


Investigating how cognitive processes are damaged by acquired brain injury and how to mitigate their loss




Researching headache and facial pain pathophysiology, diagnosis and therapeutics

High-dimensional neurology


Creating individually predictive models of clinical outcome from high-dimensional analysis of large-scale clinical datasets



Establishing and applying imaging methods and biomarkers to transform the diagnosis, management and treatment of neurological and neurosurgical diseases



Delivering solutions to major challenges in neurorehabilitation care, research and education



Using surgical techniques to correct neurological problems; developing new ways to repair injury

Spinal repair


Innovating surgical methods to reverse spinal injury



Researching stroke prevention, treatment and management, and functional recovery after stroke



Exploring the neural control of the lower urinary tract in health and disease; researching non-surgical options for managing neurogenic bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction

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