UCL Institute of Neurology



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Institute Director

Institute Director

Professor Michael G Hanna
PA: Navaeeda Naeem; Tel: 0203 448 4028

Institute Manager

Institute Manager

Dr Hélène S G Crutzen
PA: Shihan Jayasuriya; Tel: 0203 448 4137

Heads of Research Departments

Department of Brain Repair & Rehabilitation

Professor D Werring

Departmental Administrator: Judith Jolleys; Tel: 020 3108 7494

Department of Clinical & Experimental Epilepsy

Professor M Walker

Departmental Administrator: Juliet Solomon; Tel: 0203 448 4794

Department of Clinical Neuroscience (Hampstead Campus)

Professor A H V Schapira

Departmental Administrator: Elaine Wagiswara; Tel: 0207 830 2869

Department of Molecular Neuroscience Professor J Hardy
Departmental Administrator: Julitta Iranek-Osmecka; Tel: 0203 448 4201
Department of Neurodegenerative Disease

Professor J Collinge

Departmental Administrator: Rosie Baverstock-West; Tel: 020 3448 4452

Department of Neuroinflammation

Professor K J Smith

Departmental Administrator: Charlotte Burt; Tel: 020 3448 4171

Sobell Department of Motor Neuroscience & Movement Disorders

Professor L Greensmith

Departmental Administrator: Kully Sunner; Tel: 0203 448 4215

Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging

Professor C Price

Departmental Administrator: Vacant; Interim contact: Kamlyn Ramkissoon ; Tel: 0203 448 4363

Heads of Divisions

Division of Clinical Neurology Professor M Reilly
Division of Neuropathology Professor S Brandner
Division of Neurophysiology Professor M Koltzenburg
Division of Neuropsychiatry & Neuropsychology Professor E Joyce
Division of Neuroradiology & Neurophysics  Professor T A Yousry
Division of Neurosurgery: Brain Research Trust Chair of Neurosurgery Professor R Brownstone

Professional Services team leads

Estates Manager (UCL Estates) Colin Boekbinder
Facilities Manager (UCL Estates) Martin Jerred
Finance Manager Paul Swainsbury
Head of Medical Illustration
Derek Tutssel
Head of Teaching and Learning Support
David Blundred
Head of the Queen Square Library, Archive and Museum
Sarah Lawson
HR Manager
Elizabeth Bertram
IT Service Manager
Raj Kalia
Security Manager (UCLH)
Mike Solomon