UCL Human Resources


Leadership Development Opportunities

Flexible opportunities for continuous development for current and aspiring leaders.

Although we have over 100 additional seats on UCL Leadership Programmes in 2023, demand for leadership development will likely outstrip the current provision. While long-form leadership training is limited, Organisational Development provides flexible opportunities for continuous development for current and aspiring leaders. The tailored UCL resources below offer some great self-paced, ‘just-in-time' and formal training to support leadership development at all levels.

  • Lead at UCL Explore digital resources and online courses within our 'Lead at UCL' hub designed for current and aspiring leaders to lead and manage in the UCL way.

  • Learning to Lead Provides UCL managers and leaders access to hundreds of learning resources, including articles, videos, podcasts, interactive exercises, online learning courses and more (requires single sign-on)

  • People Management Essentials UCL’s people management development programme, equipping all line managers with everything they need to support and develop our people. 

  • Lab Leaders A collection of interviews and live sessions with UCL's leading researchers providing an invaluable insight into building successful research teams and projects.

  • Coach at UCL  Explore a wide range of coaching and mentoring programmes. Receiving coaching/ mentoring or becoming a coach/ mentor are key activities as part of a leadership development journey.

  • Team Development For managers who want to develop and lead High Performing Teams

  • Accelerate to Leadership Open to BAME members of professional services staff working at grades 8, 9 and 10, part of UCL's Positive Action commitment)

  • Secondments Gain vital leadership experience through a paid internal work placement.

  • Communities of Practice (CoP) Communities for staff at UCL who work in similar practice areas or perform similar functions. CoPs help staff build networks, share knowledge and resources, and break down silos. Volunteering as a leader of a CoP provides great leadership insight and experience.

  • Learning Academy Programmes Offers a wide range of blended developmental programmes, events and online learning opportunities.

  • Research Skills Development Programme Offers courses to support career development and specialised skills for researchers, including leadership skills.

  • Career Frameworks Explore UCL career families and understand what skills and experience will support your leadership progression.

  • Appraisal training and talent toolkit. Resources on having a great appraisal and developmental conversation with your team members.

  • UCL Career and Development Planning Toolkit Tools and techniques to have successful career conversations and consider your talent strategy.