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A collection of video interviews with UCL's leading researchers providing an invaluable insight into what really matters when building successful research teams and projects.

The Lab Leader Series is a collection of video interviews with some of UCL's leading lab leaders discussing the key challenges facing researchers across UCL. Covering a range of topics, from securing funding and building teams to cultivating professional networks and building successful careers, the Lab Leader Series aims to tap into the experience and expertise of our Lab Leaders to provide the whole research community with invaluable insights and practical advice.

To compliment the recorded interviews, a series of live webinars are also being organised for 2022. Called Lab Leader Live, these webinars will provide researchers with the opportunity to pose their own questions to our panel of expert lab leaders. The first event has been organised for 14 February 2022, 09:30-11am and focus on the topic of funding.

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Lab Leader Live webinar: Best practices for securing research funding: 14 February 2022, 09:30-11am

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