Global Governance Institute


Academic Steering Board

The Academic Steering Board explores opportunities for future GGI activities, events and collaborations.

Kristin Bakke - Thematic Director Global Security
Kristin Bakke
Professor of Political Science and International Relations 
UCL Political Science
E: kmbakke@ucl.ac.uk
Richard Bellamy - Academic Steering Board
Richard Bellamy  
Professor of Political Science
UCL Political Science
E: r.bellamy@ucl.ac.uk 
Jason Blackstock - Academic Steering Board
Jason Blackstock
Associate Professor of Science and Global Affairs
E: jason.blackstock@ucl.ac.uk 
Raimund Bleischwitz - Academic Steering Board
Raimund Bleischwitz  
Chair in Sustainable Global Resources
UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
E: r.bleischwitz@ucl.ac.uk
Zeynep Bulutgil
Associate Professor in International Relations 
UCL Political Science
E: z.bulutgil@ucl.ac.uk
Iris Chiu - Academic Steering Board
Iris Chiu 
Professor of Company Law and Financial Regulation
UCL Laws
E: hse-yu.chiu@ucl.ac.uk
Jason Dittmer - Academic Steering Board
Jason Dittmer
Professor of Political Geography
UCL Geography
E: j.dittmer@ucl.ac.uk
Christian Dustmann - Academic Steering Board
Christian Dustmann
Professor of Economics
UCL Economics
E: c.dustmann@ucl.ac.uk
Par Engstrom - Academic Steering Board
Par Engstrom 
Associate Professor in Human Rights
UCL Institute of the Americas
E: p.engstrom@ucl.ac.uk
Sarah Hawkes - Academic Steering Board
Sarah Hawkes 
Professor of Global Public Health
UCL Institute for Global Health
E: s.hawkes@ucl.ac.uk
Ilan Kelman - GGI Academic Steering Board
Ilan Kelman
Professor of Disasters and Health
UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction / UCL Institute for Global Health
E: i.kelman@ucl.ac.uk
Maria Lee
Maria Lee 
Professor of Law
UCL Laws
E: maria.lee@ucl.ac.uk
Caren Levy - Academic Steering Board
Caren Levy 
Professor of Transformative Urban Planning
UCL Development Planning Unit
E: c.levy@ucl.ac.uk
JP MacIntosh - Academic Steering Board
JP MacIntosh 
UCL Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security
E: j.macintosh@ucl.ac.uk
Mark Maslin - Academic Steering Board
Mark Maslin 
Professor of Climatology
UCL Geography
E: m.maslin@ucl.ac.uk
Kevin Middlebrook - Academic Steering Board
Kevin Middlebrook 
Professor of Latin American Politics
UCL Intitute of the Americas
E: k.middlebrook@ucl.ac.uk
Neil Mitchell - Academic Steering Board
Neil Mitchell  
Emeritus Professor of International Relations
UCL Political Science
E: n.mitchell@ucl.ac.uk
Avia Pasternak - Academic Steering Board
Avia Pasternak 
Associate Professor in Political Theory
UCL Political Science
E: avia.pasternak@ucl.ac.uk
Arthur Petersen - Academic Steering Board
Arthur Petersen 
Professor of Science, Technology and Public Policy
E: arthur.petersen@ucl.ac.ukk
Nick Phelps - Academic Steering Board
Nicholas Phelps
Honorary Professor
UCL School of Planning
E: n.phelps@ucl.ac.uk
Lauge Poulsen - Thematic Director Global Economy
Lauge Poulsen
Associate Professor in International Political Economy 
UCL Political Science
E: l.poulsen@ucl.ac.uk
Claudio Radaelli - Academic Steering Board
Claudio Radaelli  
Professor of Public Policy
UCL Political Scinece
E: c.radaelli@ucl.ac.uk
Ian Scott - Academic Steering Board
Ian Scott  
UCL Grand Challenges
E: ian.scott@ucl.ac.uk
Joanne Scott - Academic Steering Board
Joanne Scott  
Professor of European Law
UCL Laws
E: joanne.scott@ucl.ac.uk
Stephen Smith - Academic Steering Board
Stephen Smith  
Professor of Economics
UCL Economics
E: stephen.smith@ucl.ac.uk
David Tuckett - Academic Steering Board
David Tuckett  
Centre for the Study of Decision-Making Uncertainty
E: d.tuckett@ucl.ac.uk
Lisa Vanhala - GGI Academic Steering Board
Lisa Vanhala  
Professor of Political Science
UCL Political Science
E: l.vanhala@ucl.ac.uk
Michael Walls - GGI Academic Steering Board
Michael Walls 
Professor of Development Politics and Economy
UCL Development Planning Unit
E: m.walls@ucl.ac.uk
Albert Weale - Academic Steering Board
Albert Weale  
Emeritus Professor of Political Theory and Public Policy
UCL Political Science
E: a.weale@ucl.ac.uk