UCL Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security

Dr J P MacIntosh

ISRS Director 

JPMacI at AB

After a decade’s service with the British Army, Dr MacIntosh left to become a research scientist at the Ministry of Defence. His research focuses on the capacity for decisive action and learning beset by the uncertain flow of events, particularly in evolving networks.

This research has also enabled him to fulfil several advisory roles for Cabinet Ministers and senior decision-takers, in the UK and abroad. Commissioned by the then Cabinet Secretary – now Lord Wilson of Dinton – Dr MacIntosh co-authored the concept of “Resilience to Crises” for the UK Government in spring 2001.

Before joining the Institute, he was the Chief of Research and Assessment at the Defence Academy of the UK (where he also served on the Board for three years). In addition to working with defence departments, Dr MacIntosh has also worked with foreign, finance, interior and justice ministries and national crisis management centres in many countries.

He has built teams that have worked in operational theatres and with many organisations facing the challenge of deep transformation – in and out of conflict. How strategies gain traction through innovation remains core to his work as ISRS Director.

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