The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Prof Caren Levy

Prof Caren Levy

Professor of Transformative Urban Planning

Development Planning Unit

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st Oct 1988

Research summary

Teaching summary

MSc Teaching

DEVP0029:  Urban Development Policy. Planning And Management: Strategic Action In Theory And Practice

DEVP0032:  Transport Equity and Urban Mobility

DEVP0050:  Gender in Policy and Planning

Supervision of PhD students – research topics

Preventing and Mitigating Urban Violence in LatinAmerica: A Gender-Based Analysis of the Role of Multilateral Development Institutions

The Emergence of a Slum Assemblage:Generative Processes and the Socio-spatial Morphology of a Mumbai SquatterSettlement

A Gendered Spatial Analysis of the Relationshipbetween Women’s Productive Work and Women’s Autonomy in the Household:Understanding Women’s Agency in Public and Private Space in Bangkok, Thailand

Empowerment and Gender in the Workplace:Experiences in Accounting and IT Firms in Mexico

Gender and Class in Welfare Organisations: The caseof Egyptian Private Voluntary Organisation

Sustainability of urban social projects: the caseof the Social Investment Fund in Chile

Architecture for the Urban Poor, the 'NewProfessionalism' of 'Community Architects', and the Implications forArchitectural Education: Reflections on Practice from Thailand


University of Cape Town
First Degree, Bachelor of Arts | 1973


I am a urban development planner with over 35 years’ experience of teaching,research, capacity building and consultancy. I work on urban planning, community-led developmentand governance with a focus on housing, infrastructure and transport, and landmanagement in urban areas in the Global South. I have a special interest inthe institutionalisation of social justice in policy and planning, particularlyrelated to the crosscutting issues of gender, diversity and the environment. Witha strong commitment to contributing to transformative practice, my research, teaching and consultancy explores and develops innovative approaches to planning methodology, planningeducation and capacity building, as well as to mainstreaming social justice inorganisational development. I work in London and in a range of cities inAfrica, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East with communities, governmentsand international organisations. I am currently Principal Investigator on a 4year GCRF supported research and capacity building programme, Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality (KNOW),which works with 13 partners in 12 countries across Africa, Asian and LatinAmerica.  I am a former Director of theBartlett DPU (2005-12) and Vice Dean International for the Bartlett Faculty of the BuiltEnvironment (2012-2019).