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Professor Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell

Professor Neil Mitchell

Professor of International Relations

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Neil Mitchell joined UCL in September 2011. He held a Sixth Century Chair at the University of Aberdeen from 2005 to 2011 and is emeritus professor at the University of New Mexico. He works conflict and human rights violations, issues of leadership and accountability, and the role of non-state actors. He is the author of Agents of Atrocity and Democracy’s Blameless Leaders. With Sabine Carey at the University of Mannheim, he is building a new global database on pro-government militias. With UCL colleagues Kristin Bakke and Hannah Smidt he is investigating how states respond to pressure from human rights defenders, and, with Wendy Hansen and Prakash Adhikari, how conflict victims are compensated.

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Recent articles

· ‘Pro-Government Militias’  Annual Review of Political Science 2017 (with Sabine Carey).

· ‘Pro-Government Militias and Conflict’ Oxford Research Encyclopedia Politics, 2016 (with Sabine Carey).

· Risk Mitigation, Regime Security, and Militias: Beyond Coup-proofing International Studies Quarterly, 2015, (with Sabine Carey and Mike Colaresi).

· ‘Governments, informal links to militias, and accountability’ Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2015 (with Sabine Carey and Mike Colaresi).

· ‘The Impact of Pro-Government Militias on Human Rights Violations’ International Interactions Online October 2014 (with Sabine Carey and Christopher Butler)

· ‘States, the Security Sector, and the Monopoly of Violence” Journal of Peace Research, March 2013, 50: 249-258 (with Sabine Carey and Will Lowe).

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