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UCL rooms can only be booked by UCL staff, Student Union presidents and union sabbatical officers through the intranet via a UCL internet connection or remotely via Desktop@UCL Anywhere.

CMIS Go Update 24 September

CMISGo is now online with booking permissions for centrally bookable rooms reinstated.

For departmental space, due to all changes applied to the system, some booking permissions may not be correct. Please can all Departmental administrators check whether the correct space has been assigned to them and whether all authorised staff are able to book the space.

If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Room Bookings Team on roombookings@ucl.ac.uk

COVID-19 update

We will be opening bookings for ad hoc activities from Monday 20 September. Please see the documents 'Meeting Rooms and Ad Hoc Room Bookings' and 'UCL Events Policy' for more information.

Room booking guidance has moved to the UCL intranet task library

Direct links to useful room booking tasks

Students Club and Society room bookings

If you're a student looking to book, the Union, a Union bar, offsite/external venues or UCL a sports facility, please visit the Student Union's web pages. 

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