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Frequently Asked Questions




Q. What are UCLs' English language requirements?

A. All students whose first language is not English must be able to provide recent evidence that their spoken and written command of the English language is adequate for the programmes for which they have applied.
English requirements are available on the UCL Prospective Students website, including a list of acceptable tests.

Q. Are GRE scores a compulsory part to the application process?

A. Yes, the general test is a required part of the application, except for students whose MSc in Economics is from UCL or who are currently enrolled in the UCL Economics MSc programme. 

Q. How do I know if my application has been received?

A. You will be able to track the progress of your application via the UCL Applicants Portal (log-in required).

Q) Who is the graduate tutor?

A)Professor Ian Preston is the graduate tutor. He can be contacted via email i.preston@ucl.ac.uk, or telephone 020 7679 5853.

Q) Who is the programme director?

A. Professor Eric French is the MRes/MPhil/PhD Programme. He can be contacted via email eric.french@ucl.ac.uk

Q. Is it possible to enrol directly on the MPhil/PhD Programme without having to do the MRes Programme?

A. No, the MRes Programme is a compulsory part of the Programme. 

Q. How do you allocate supervisors?

A. Upon admission, you will be paired with a principal supervisor. In the MPhil year of the PhD Programme, by default, you will be appointed a second supervisor but you should change this to a self appointed second supervisor by the end of term one. This is a joint decision between the student and the first supervisor.

Q. When am I entitled to desk space at the department?

A. Desk space will be offered at Department at the start of the  MPhil Programme.

Q. Do I have to submit the exam entry form four months before submitting my thesis?

A. Ideally the exam entry form should be submitted three to four months before you plan to submit your thesis. However, we can be flexible with this time limit and would simply request this form is submitted prior to the submission of your thesis. This form must also be submitted before the examiner nomination form.

Q. When can I submit my thesis?

A. Your thesis must be submitted after the exam entry form has been logged, but can be submitted before the examiners have been appointed.

If you are on CRS status, you must submit before the end of the CRS deadline, otherwise you will incur a penalty (see above).

Q. Where do I submit my thesis?

A. It should be submitted to the Student Centre at the front of the Chadwick Building (opening hours Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm).

Q. Do I have to submit the thesis in person?

A. No, if you use one of the binders listed on the UCL Current Student Research Degrees website.

they will usually deliver it on your behalf. Alternatively, you can post the thesis to the Student Centre or arrange for a third party to deliver it.

Q. Can I submit my thesis without the examiners being approved?

A. Yes. You can submit your thesis, providing you have already submitted your Exam Entry Form.

Q. Can my thesis be ring bound?

A. No. The thesis must be correctly bound. For information on binding see the UCL Current Students Research Degrees website.

Q. Where can I obtain further information about Submission, Binding and Format of Theses?

A: Please visit the UCL Current Students Research Degrees website.


Q: Can you offer me information and advice on my fees?

A: The Department does not have any dealings with fees.  Please contact the Student Finance Section of the Registry: Room G19, South Wing, Main Building – tel: +44 (0)20 3108 7284 or e-mail fees@ucl.ac.uk or see the Money section on the UCL Current Students website for further info. 

Q: Will I be charged an application fee for admission to the MRes programme?

A: As it currently stands the application fees do not apply to MRes or MPhil/PhD study, only Masters.

Q: I am an offer-holder with a disability or serious medical condition who plans to start the MRes Programme in the new academic year. Where should I register to be sure of obtaining any support services that I might need?

A: Please immediately register with UCL’s Student Disability Services.

Academic Year

Q: When does teaching start and what dates are the terms and holidays?

A: Please use the link below to access the Academic Year chart.


Q: What is the total duration of the Programme?

A: 1+ 3 years. The first year will be your MRes year and then the remaining three years are your MPhil/PhD Studies.

Q: How many intakes do you have each year?

A: One, in September.


Q: Do you provide past exam papers and solutions?

A: Past exam papers are available from the Library.

Q. What happens if I am ill during the Exam Period?

A. If circumstances have arisen that are unexpected, significantly disruptive, and beyond your control and which may affect  your performance in, your ability to attempt, complete or complete on time final examinations, summative essays, or the dissertation, follow the Extenuating Circumstances Regulations.

Q. I need a reference, who should I approach?

A. Your supervisor is the person to approach if you require a reference.  If you require more than one referee, or you wish to use another academic as a referee, you can approach another member of staff to act for you but you must ensure that you approach the individual first before giving their name to ensure that they are willing to do so.

Q. Is there a UCL Student support service?

Yes, please see the Student and Registry Services website.


Q. I am a research student at one of the colleges in the University of London system , or at UCL but not in the Economics Department, and have strong academic training in Economics. How do I apply to audit MRes-level lectures or take MSc-level courses for credit from UCL’s Economics Department?

A. First, review the MRes-level and MSc-level courses offered by studying the course web pages and associated Moodle course pages. Courses that are core to our MRes Economics programme run in term one (October to December) and term two (January to March).

MSc Economics or MSc Economic Policy programmes are offered in Term 1 (October to December).

Options courses are offered in Term 2 (January to March).

Then refer to the online course timetable for current scheduling information. (Note that the timetable is subject to change, however).

Finally, refer your course request to the administrator for your academic programme of study and ask him or her to send your request to the UCL Economics Department’s Programmes Administrator, together with pdfs of your academic transcripts that demonstrate the requisite quantitative background for the course requested. The deadline for receipt of your programme administrator's request is the end of the second week of the academic year. In 2017, this will be Friday, 06 October.