Part-time Student visa

Please note that UCL does not offer part-time study for Student visa students.

The UK Home Office has expanded the Student Route to include part-time study which allows some international postgraduate students to study a part-time programme in the UK.

UCL has carefully considered this visa route and has decided not to offer the Student part-time study visa.  As such it is only possible to receive Student visa sponsorship from UCL if you are studying on a full-time programme. 

There were a number of factors considered in making this decision, most notably that the part-time Student visa route is very restrictive for students. Under this visa: 

  • Part-time students cannot bring dependants to the UK. 
  • Part-time students must pay the Immigration Health Surcharge for the full duration of the programme
  • Part-time students cannot undertake any work in the UK.  This includes unpaid work placements and internships.