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Training and Development

If you have some experience of teaching, you can obtain formal recognition of your ability to teach in higher education through a nationally accredited scheme. This scheme, run by UCL’s Centre for the Advancement of Learning & Teaching (CALT), provides a flexible, practice-based pathway through which you can attain a nationally respected professional award in university teaching. It is in line with Descriptor 1 of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HEA). This professional recognition award is known as an Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA). The Associate Fellowship is of value in itself, but also as a foundation should you progress to an academic career with a substantial teaching requirement.

Applying for recognition as an Associate Fellow involves attending one of CALT’s courses (see below for a list) followed by the compilation and submission of a ‘portfolio’, which is a written claim in line with specific criteria. This portfolio is your narrative account of learning to teach (up to 3000 words), presenting evidence of and reflecting analytically upon your developing concepts of teaching and learning and on your practical experience of teaching.

If, after reading the information in this guidance, you’re thinking of applying for an Associate Fellowship, or for more information, please submit an expression of interest (which is not a commitment) via the form below under the heading ‘Developing and Submitting a Portfolio’. Your expression of interest will be acknowledged by reply email and further information will follow.

Submitting your portfolio: Summer 2014

For information about completing and submitting your portfolio, please see here (pdf).

The deadline for submission is 5pm on Tuesday 9 June via the Teaching Associate Programmes Submissions Moodle. You have to register for the Moodle before you can upload your portfolio. There is more information on Moodle about this.

Please click here for guidance and more information on references.

Your portfolio should be submitted with a completed Portfolio Coversheet (Word doc).

Please click here for schemes currently running.

Developing and Submitting a Portfolio

  • If you intend to submit a portfolio for 9th June 2014, please inform us by completing this form.

We will be synthesising the current provision into a single programme in 2013-14, as part of UCL ARENA. This is a period of transition for CALT programmes for PGTAs and we are keen to hear your feedback to inform the development of the new course. If you have any suggestions or comments, please e-mail h.brookman@ucl.ac.uk.

If you have not yet attended any CALT courses, please see here for information about the new UCL Arena One, which will be launching in September 2014.

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