Teaching & Learning


Liberating the Curriculum

The Liberating the Curriculum (LTC) working group at UCL was a group of staff and students formed to address the issue of an inclusive curriculum.

We work to challenge traditional Eurocentric, male dominated curricula and to ensure the work of marginalised scholars on race, sexuality, gender and disability are fairly represented in curricula.

LTC projects

In 2016 we funded staff and students at UCL to run projects to explore ways of changing the curriculum. The projects ranged from work on diversifying reading lists, bringing patients perspectives into healthcare and a co-curriculum project on the ‘other’ in film.

Staff and students at UCL have been working on projects to change curricula at UCL.

Belonging interventions

The reasons for the ethnicity gap in student attainment are complex, but one suggestion has been that students from minority ethnic groups feel alienated whilst at university. Belonging interventions are suggested as a way of helping students overcome feelings of alienation.