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Gateway workshops

Gateway workshops are designed to prepare postgraduate students with no prior experience for their teaching responsibilities by introducing approaches to teaching and learning.

If you know you will be teaching in the coming term and have not completed any prior training or development sessions (with UCL Arena Centre, the Graduate School, or in your department or Faculty), then you need to register for a 2.5 hour Gateway workshop.

This introductory workshop helps prepare you for teaching responsibilities and explores innovative approaches to teaching and learning. You'll have a chance to connect with fellow PGTAs who are a valued and integral part of our community. Attendance is mandatory for all PGTAs involved in teaching and assessment at UCL. Your department will also provide formal guidance and mentoring support. 

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Further information and resources 

UCL Arena for PGTAs Gateway Moodle accompanies the Gateway workshop and contains links to further information, useful resources for developing your teaching and preparatory activities.

Feedback from previous participants

'Engaging seminar leaders, good participation, interesting scenarios and ideas.'

'Loved it! In this age of technology we need to bring phones and real-time polling into the classroom.'

'Brilliant, practical and very useful advice. Good sign-posting to helpful resources and ideas for future development.'

'I particularly liked the structure, the format and the approach - it was very well thought out and it felt very productive and engaging. The examples were great and there are many things to take away and apply.'

'Sharing our own experiences was very helpful.'

'Gave me very practical advice for improving my teaching.'