Provost's Teaching Awards 2013-2014

UCL President and Provost, Michael Arthur

"I am delighted to invite nominations for the 2013-14 Provost’s Teaching Awards.

The Provost’s Teaching Awards recognise and reward UCL colleagues who are making outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students. They celebrate excellence in teaching and showcase the leadership of our staff within UCL and nationally.

We have revised the criteria for this year’s awards to ensure that we recognise staff whose teaching is of a consistently high quality, and who invest particular effort in a range of activities which support students’ learning (such as personal tutoring and support and guidance to colleagues).

Awards are made in three categories:

Individual Teaching Award (certificate plus salary bonus of £2,500 (before tax)

Award for Team Collaboration and Achievement in Teaching (certificates plus £5,000 per team (before tax)

CPD and Short Courses Award (Certificate(s) plus salary bonus of £2,500 (before tax) for an individual or £5,000 for a team (before tax) or £5,000 added to a Departmental budget)

I will be hosting the awards ceremony on 9th June 2014, when the Provost’s Teaching Award Winners will be joined by the winners of the UCLU-organised Student Choice Teaching Awards (link to page).

The deadline for submission is Wednesday 16th April 2014.

More information on the nominations process, including the criteria for both awards, can be found below. For more information, please contact the Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT).

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Professor Michael Arthur

President and Provost

12th March 2014


2013 Certificates

How to apply

Those staff who wish to be considered for an award should approach their Head of Department. Additionally, Heads of Department are encouraged to identify and consult any staff who they would like to nominate.

Submissions can cover any aspect of teaching and learning: lecturing, course design, assessment, tutoring, e-learning, research supervision, object-based teaching, lab practicals or demonstrations etc.

Submissions should consist of the following parts:

  • Part 2: A short supporting statement from the Head of Department or the Dean of the Faculty
  • Part 3: A case written by the applicant (maximum 1500 words)

The case must provide examples and evidence which clearly demonstrates how the applicant’s activities have significantly enhanced student learning at UCL. Evidence of impact and success is particularly important.

The scheme is run by CALT. Applications should be sent electronically, by the Head of Department or Dean, to by Wednesday 16th April 2014.

Award Categories

Award Categories

Those staff who wish to be considered for an award should approach their Head of Department. Additionally, Heads of Department are encouraged to identify and consult any staff who they would like to nominate.

Deans, in consultation with Heads of Departments, are invited to put forward nominations for Provost’s Teaching Awards in any of the award categories below:

A: Individual Teaching Awards
  • A1: Staff at the beginning of their teaching careers (normally within the first 8 years of appointment to a university position)
  • A2: Experienced academic staff
  • A3: Staff involved in supporting students’ learning
  • A4: Post-graduate teaching assistants
2012-2013 Award Winners (UCL Images)

B: Team Collaboration and Achievement in Teaching

Submissions in this category should name the team leader and all team members.

C: CPD And Short Courses

UCL’s expanding portfolio of summer schools, professional development, executive education and recreational learning opportunities, under the banner of CPD and Short Courses which may or may not be credit-bearing, offer both personal development and career advancement. This new award will recognise an individual, a team or a department for excellence and innovation in lifelong learning as reflected by evidence of effective knowledge transfer and societal impact. As HEI’s embrace learning throughout life in addition to the more traditional university experience, this award will also encourage dialogue between the University, employers and individuals to ensure that UCL offers an appropriate range of skills training opportunities to support the workforce of the future.

Submissions in this category should name the individual, team leader and all team members, or the department as appropriate.

Submissions can be made for staff in any post at UCL if they make a significant contribution to the advancement of learning. Please note that only paid employees of UCL can be nominated (staff on honorary contracts, or those employed by the NHS, are not eligible). 

The Panel

award ceremony

The Panel

Selection process

Professor Anthony Smith (Vice-Provost (Education)) will convene a panel to consider all submissions and make recommendations to the Provost for awards.

In both categories, the panel will look for clear evidence of at least one of the following benefits to UCL:

· Consistently strong teaching which inspires students and responds to the changing landscape of the discipline;

· Instances of particular innovation in teaching methodology, assessment, curriculum design and / or the management of teaching

· A strong commitment to the personal development of others, as demonstrated through the mentoring of less experienced colleagues and building the capacity of the department to deliver high quality teaching

· Engagement with activities which support student learning (such as personal tutoring) or which encourage the development of strong relationships between the student body and the department (such as engagement with the StARs programme, the National Student Survey and other student feedback channels)

· Effective administration or other support (technical or professional) for teaching which has a demonstrable impact on the quality of the student experience

· Furtherance of UCL’s strategic objectives for teaching, including (but not limited to) through the development of research-based education; the ‘education for global citizenship agenda’ and effective assessment and feedback mechanisms.

The panel will take into account the extent to which the following criteria are met (depending on the stage reached by the applicant in their career in the case of individual awards). They will expect the following to be addressed in all cases:


· What evidence is there that the teaching and / or activities in support of teaching are of a high quality?


· What difference does the activity make to the student experience at UCL?

· How are the benefits for student learning evaluated?

· How many students benefit currently (and are likely to benefit in the future)?

· Is there evidence of relevant scholarly publications arising out of the activity?


· How innovative are the activities described?

The contribution should be consonant with UCL’s Learning and Teaching Strategy.


Carl Gombrich speaking at Innovations in Assessment, a HEA conference organised with CALT

Spreading the Word

It doesn't just stop at the award ceremony. The greater vision is that the work of the award winners will influence others by stimulating thought and dialogue about teaching and learning at UCL.

The Teaching and Learning Portal has a dedicated section for Provost's Teaching Awards featuring in-depth interviews with award winners, as well as complete lists of previous winners.

Award winners are also called upon to take an active role in teaching and learning at UCL Arena, from inclusion on working groups, speaking at conferences and events to championing various aspects of teaching and learning such as being an e-learning champion.

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

2013 Ceremony

The Provost’s Teaching Awards culminates in an award ceremony, which is being held on Monday 9th June 2014 from 5.45-7.00pm (venue to be announced)

We are very excited to welcome UCL's new President and Provost, Michael Arthur , who will present awards for each winner and a citation read by Vice-Provost (Education) Professor Anthony Smith, will be given as the presentation of certificates are made.

The award ceremony is an important and enjoyable opportunity for award winners to celebrate their successes, to share their achievements with peers or indeed loved ones, and to recognise the talent and innovation of staff at UCL.

For an informal discussion about the awards, contact Moira Wright:, ext. 41604