UCL Division of Biosciences



Our research projects fall under the following broad remit:

  • Investigating the demographic history of various populations and ethnic groups in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Assaying functionally relevant drug metabolising enzyme gene variation in Africa.
  • Investigating the evolution of lactase persistence in Europe, Asia and Africa using genetic and phenotypic data, ancient DNA and computer simulation modelling.
  • Examining the effects of past social structures on the distribution of modern genetic variation using computer simulations.
  • Identification and date estimation of genomic events since the human / chimpanzee split.
  • Quantifying the effects of demographic parameters (population density, group size, migration activity) on the accumulation of culturally inherited traits.
  • Developing methods to estimate parameters affecting changes in the frequencies of material culture artefacts.
  • Ancient DNA from various extinct mammalian species.

Individual projects that have had considerable impact in the news