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In our diverse bioscience portfolio our research addresses all of biology from protein interactions to cell function, organism development, genetics, population studies and the environment. Computational and modelling approaches are frequently conducted alongside experimental research programmes and much of our research crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries. Among our greatest strengths is research addressing how genomes encode phenotypes, neural circuit development and function, the complex biochemical and molecular interactions that underpin cell functions and behaviours, and the relationship of biodiversity to the health of people and the planet.
Research Departments

Research Departments

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Research Centres and Domains

Research Centres and Domains

Research Centres and Domains promote cross-collaborative, interdisciplinary research across the Division, UCL and beyond.

Research Impact

Research Impact

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Postgraduate Research

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Research Facilities

Research Facilities

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The UCL division of biosciences is a dynamic, research-active environment, and we encourage early career scientists to join us on externally funded fellowships.

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Postdoctoral Researchers

Our division is home to a thriving community of Postdocs and Fellows supported by skills training, careers advice and more.