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UCL Institute of Archaeology

  • Environmental Archaeology, Archaeological Material Science and Computational Modelling
  • Social, Historical and Cultural Archaeological Studies
  • Museum Studies, Conservation, Cultural Heritage Studies, Public Archaeology


The UCL Institute of Archaeology is the largest and one of the most highly regarded centres for archaeology, cultural heritage and museum studies in Britain, as evidenced by its top position in university league tables and National Student Survey results. It is one of the very few places in the world actively pursuing research on a truly global scale. Its degree programmes offer an unrivalled variety of courses on a diverse range of topics, and wide-ranging fieldwork opportunities.  The Institute hosts events on many different aspects of archaeology and is linked to heritage organisations, museums and archaeological societies, providing an outstanding research environment for staff, students and visitors.

News from the Institute of Archaeology

View of Pit 1 of the Terracotta Warriors (Photo: Xia Juxian)

Terracotta Army film wins British Archaeological Award

The film New Secrets of the Terracotta Warriors has won Best Public Presentation of Archaeology at the British Archaeological Awards 2014.  More...

Published: Jul 30, 2014 11:59:57 AM

Institute of Archaeology building, 2010

Senior promotions for Institute staff

The Institute is very pleased to announce the success of 6 staff members in UCL's Senior Staff Promotions 2013-14. The promotions, richly deserved, acknowledge staff research and teaching excellence in their respective fields. More...

Published: Jul 29, 2014 9:40:11 AM

UCL Institute of Archaeology (Image courtesy of Lisa Daniel)

Institute student wins inaugural publication prize

Institute undergraduate student Lucy Smith has won second prize in the inaugural UCL Publisher's Prize for student writing. More...

Published: Jul 18, 2014 4:28:11 PM

Elisabeth Roudinesco and Jacques Derrida, London, 1994 (Image © Elisabeth Roudinesco)

Archive Fever - 20 Years On

20 years after Jacques Derrida presented Archive Fever, Beverley Butler was invited to discuss the influence of this seminal text at a special event at the Freud Museum, London. More...

Published: Jul 16, 2014 3:27:33 PM

A selection of plaster heads from the Noel Collection at UCL (Image courtesy of UCL Museums and Collections)

Museum Studies students shed new light on UCL Collections

Research by MA in Museum Studies students at the Institute has shed new light on a mysterious collection of 30 plaster cast heads. More...

Published: Jul 15, 2014 11:07:30 AM

Events at the Institute of Archaeology

Voices of War: UCL in WWI

Voices of War: UCL in WWI

The Institute of Archaeology’s new student exhibition, Voices of War: UCL in WWI, opens to the public from 6 May 2014. More...

UCL Institute of Archaeology

Institute of Archaeology Tours

Tours of the Institute of Archaeology and its facilities and collections will be held on selected dates through July-September. More...

Percussive Technology in Human Evolution

Percussive Technology in Human Evolution

An international conference on Percussive Technology in Human Evolution will take place at the Institute of Archaeology on 18 & 19 September. More...

Company of images: modelling the ancient Egyptian imaginary world of the Middle Bronze Age (Image courtesy of Gianluca Miniaci)

Company of images: modelling the ancient Egyptian imaginary world of the Middle Bronze Age (2000-1500 BC)

An international conference exploring the fertile imaginary world of Middle Bronze Age Egypt through its material culture and archaeological sources will be held at UCL from 18-20 September. More...

Maya on the Thames (Maya Myths and Glyphs Workshop 2014)

Maya on the Thames

The 3rd Annual Workshop on Maya Myths and Glyphs, organised in association with the UCL Public Engagement Unit, will be held at the Institute from 19-21 September. More...

Expanding Boundaries: Science and Theory in Prehistoric Studies

Expanding Boundaries: Science and Theory in Prehistoric Studies

A conference entitled 'Expanding Boundaries: Science and Theory in Prehistoric Studies' will be held at UCL's Petrie Museum and the Institute of Archaeology on 24 & 25 October. More...

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