Keeping safe on campus

At UCL, your health and wellbeing are paramount. Our priority at all times is to make sure our campus is as safe as possible and minimise the risk to everyone onsite.

How you can make a difference

We need your help to prevent the spread of infection and keep our community safe. 

  • Get vaccinated against COVID-19 if you can.
  • Stay at home if you feel unwell
  • Be considerate of those around you, especially if they are wearing a ‘Please give me space’ lanyard or badge.
  • Consider wearing a face covering.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Always sneeze or cough into a tissue.

Visit the Government and NHS websites and download the NHS COVID-19 App for the most up to date information about what to do if you feel unwell and what you can do to avoid spreading the virus. 

How we are working keeping you safe

We are working hard with our recognised unions and taking advice from UCL’s world-leading researchers to make sure our campus is as safe as possible: 

  • We have carried out tailored risk assessments of all areas of campus.
  • We are reducing the risk of transmission through ventilation.
  • We are working with Camden Council and our neighbours to keep our borough as safe as possible.

    Key information and support

    Photo of the quad and one way system

    Living safely with infections

    Guidance for students and staff on what to do if you or someone else are unwell or think they have coronavirus.

    People social distancing on campus

    Students: Vaccinations and healthcare

    Students are more at risk of certain illnesses than the general population, so it is important to have the appropriate vaccinations and remain vigilant for symptoms.

    Photo from the South Cloister

    Reducing the risk of transmission through building ventilation

    We are following the latest Government and UK Health and Safety Executive guidelines, and drawing on the latest research, to ensure that our buildings are as safe as possible and properly ventilated.

    Photo of a hybrid meeting

    Staff: Signage and resources

    Printed and digital resources to help make sure campus is as safe as possible.

    Students working in the library

    Wearing face coverings on campus

    Please be considerate of those around you, especially if they are wearing a ‘Please give me space’ lanyard or badge. Read about UCL's current guidance on wearing face coverings.

    Further questions

    If you have a specific question about your individual circumstances please speak to your department or line manager in the first instance. If you have a more general question, please check that it has not already been answered on this site.

    Students can contact us though the askUCL student enquiries system.