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China Planning Research Seminars

The China Planning Research Group regularly holds seminars for comparative studies between urban China and other parts of the world for those interested in China's continuing momentum of urbanisation.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, located on Peoples Square in Shanghai, China

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Upcoming Seminars

Future CPRG events will be listed here as information becomes available.

Past Seminars


17th March 2023
Speaker: Prof Chun Yang at Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University
China’s Greater Bay Area under digital transformation

3rd March 2023
Speaker: Jun Zhang, Associate Professor of Economic Geography at Department of Geography & Planning, University of Toronto
The Party-Statecraft of China’s Regional Governance and the Emerging Greater Bay Area

10th February 2023
Speaker: Dr. Yuqi Liu at South China University of Technology
China Planning Research Group Seminar: Age-friendly neighbourhoods in China

3rd February 2023
Speaker: Dr. Thierry Theurillat, Assistant Professor at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland
China’s extended urbanisation driven by the consumption city

27th January 2023
Speaker: Roger Keil, Nicholas Phelps and Jennifer Robinson
Urbanization and Governance After Suburbia

8th December 2022
Speaker: Professor Beibei Tang at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China
The Making of “New Citizens”: Landless Farmers and Urban Governance in China

2nd December 2022
Speaker: Professor Zhigang Li, Dean, Professor of urban studies and planning at School of Urban Design, Wuhan University
People-Centered Micro-Redevelopment in Urban China

2nd November 2022
Speaker: Dr Yi Li, Associate Professor at School of Public Administration, National Research Centre for Resettlement, Hohai University, Nanjing, China
Building Chinese city-regions under state entrepreneurialism



9th March 2022
Speaker: Dr. Giulia C. Romano
Title: Learning from abroad and changing urban renewal policies in China
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19th February 2022
Speaker: Dr. I-Chun Catherine Chang
Title: From Eco to Smart: The Local Variegation and Spatial Circulation of Sustainable Urbanism Models
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19 January 2022
Speaker: Prof. Yvonne Rydin
Title: Mobilities of Planning Theory and Research
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8th December 2021
Speakers Dr. Rong Cai, Dr. Ying Wang, Dr. Tingting Lu and Dr. Tingting Lu
Title: Governing Chinese Neighbourhoods: Models and Beyond
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14 October 2021
Speakers: Prof. Fulong Wu, Prof. Lin Ye, Dr. Yang Yu, Dr. Bin Li and Manqi Wang
Title: Urban Regeneration in China: What Model Now?
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3 March 2021
Speaker: Dr. Paul Waley
Title: Who Builds Cities in China?
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24 February 2021
Speaker: Prof. Xiaoling Zhang
Title: Remaking Inclusive Sustainability: spatial-temporal dimension
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16 February 2021
Speaker: Calvin King Lam Chung
Title: China#s greenway development
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20 January 2021
Speaker: Prof. Youqin Huang
Title: Moving towards an inclusive housing policy?
Event information

10 December 2020
Speaker: Dr. Yang Xiao
Title: Does Acculturation Really Matter for Internal Migrants’ Health?
Event information

19 November 2020
Speaker: Dr. Fenghua Pan
Title: State-led Financialization in China
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10 December 2019
Speaker: Prof. Wen Chen
Title: Regional Integration in Yangtze River Delta
Event information

13 November 2019
Speaker: Prof. Nick Phelps
Title: The Trials of China’s Technoburbia
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13th March 2019
Speaker: Prof. Anthony Gar-On Yeh
Title: Restructuring of the Guangdong-Hong Kong Macau Mega City Region
Event information

1 February 2019
Speaker: Dr. Zheng Wang
Title: The social impact of Chinese mega projects – Insights from Shanghai Lingang
Event information

21 November 2018
Speaker: Dr. Helen Bao
Title: Nudging Towards a Better Financial Future
Event information

24 October 2018
Speaker: Wenyue Ding and Tingwen Zhu
Title: Urban Planning Practices in China
Event information

1 October 2018
Speaker: Dr Zhi Liu and Prof. Canfei He
Title: Urban industrial evolution
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14 June 2018
Speaker: Jie Shen and Prof. Shiuh-Shen Chien
Title: Governing suburban new towns in China and Green Developmentalism and Trade-off between Natural Preservation and Environmental Exploitation in China
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2 May 2018
Speaker: Dr Zhi Liu
Title: Reforming Land Policy in China
Event information

23 January 2018
Speaker: Prof. Eddie Hui
Title: Planning for Megacity Region in China
Event information

17 January 2018
Speakers: Degao Zheng and Ying Wang
Title: Urban Planning Practices in China
Event information

6 December 2017
Speaker: HaeRan Shin
Title: Muddling through in practicing transnationalism
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10 February 2017
Speaker: Cindy Fan
Title: From Split Households to Familization: Strategies of China's Rural-Urban Migrants
Event information

17 January 2017
Speaker: Dr. Jinhua Zhao
Title: Transportation as a Language: Mobility Management of China's Urban Billion
Event information

14 December 2016
Speaker: Dr. Ye Liu
Title: Growth of rural migrant enclaves in Guangzhou, China
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23 May 2016
Speaker: Xiaodong Shi
Title: Beijing's transition of urban development in the context of the Jing-Jin-Ji region
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21 April 2016
Speaker: Dr. Jiang Xu
Title: Bargaining for Nature: Treating the Environment in China's Urban Planning Practice
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16 March 2016
Speaker: Dr. Xing Quan Zhang
Title: Global Rental Housing Trends and Practices
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21 January 2016
Speaker: Dr. Jung Won Sonn
Title: Agglomeration Economy in Knowlege Production in Chinese Cities: An Analysis of Patent Records
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16 December 2015
Speaker: Xiaojiang Li
Title: Recent Trend of Urban Planning in China
Event information 

2 December 2015
Speakers: Various
Title: RTPI Launch Event: Planning for Growth
Event information  

18 November 2015
Speakers: Various
Title: Sustainable Urban Development in China
Event information  

10 November 2015
Speakers: Dr. Zhi Liu
Title: Land Policy and Municipal Finance in China: Issues and Reform Prospects
Event information 

27 October 2015
Speakers: Dr. Hui Qian and Dr. Yang Zhou
Title: Urban Planning Practices in East China
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 5 October 2015
Speakers: Juan Sun
Title: From Eco to Eco+
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