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CPRG Research Seminar: Governing Chinese Neighbourhoods: Models and Beyond

08 December 2021, 12:30 pm–2:00 pm

Chinese neighbourhood

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Feng Yi – Bartlett School of Planning

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Housing privatisation has created profound impacts on Chinese neighbourhoods but observation from old urban neighbourhoods suggests that the state does not give up its role in neighbourhood governance (Wu, 2018). Diverse models are found in deiffrent types of neighbourhoods (Wang and Clarke, 2021). Homeowner associations are an emergent neighbourhood organisation but have a limited role in self-governance (Lu et al, 2021).

This workshop will interrogate China's model of neighbourhood governance and reflect on the role of the state and grassroots governance.

About the Speakers

Dr. Rong Cai

Assistant Professor in the School of Government at Sun Yat-sen University

Her research examines the shifting state-market-society interplay in China's transitional neighbourhood governance, uding mixed methods and multilevel analysis. Her research interests include urban governance, socio-spatial segregation and public policy.

Dr. Ying Wang

Research Fellow at University of Warwick

Her research has been concerned with the everyday process of social (dis)integration. She is committed to an interdisciplinary approach to social research, which draws on theoretical insights and methodological tooks from sociology, geogrpahy and political science.

Dr. Tingting Lu

Associate Professor in School of International and Public Affairs. at Shanghai Jiatony University

Her research interests lie in the fields of urban development and governance, including housing development, social spatial segregation and neighbourhood changes.

Prof. Shenjing He

Professor of Urban Studies and Head of Department of Urban Planning and Design at University of Hong Kong

She is founding director of the Social Infrastructure for Equity and Welbeing (SIEW) Lab. Shenjing's research interests focus on urban redevelopment/gentrification, urban governance and entrepreneurial urbanism, rural-urban migration and informal housing, urban development and housing price mechanism, rural-urban interface, and health geography.