The Bartlett School of Planning



Using planning, public policy and design to positively shape the urban built environment.

The Bartlett School of Planning is distinguished by the breadth of its research and its capacity to bring together multiple disciplinary perspectives on urban challenges.

Our research is driven by a belief in the power of planning, public policy and urban design to positively shape the urban built environment for the benefit of wider society and by a conviction that only robust and innovative scholarship can deliver a fundamental understanding of urban problems.

Research aims

  • To understand urbanism at all its scales and from multiple disciplinary perspectives.
  • To support policy design and delivery.
  • To advance the theories and methods that frame the disciplines represented in the Bartlett School of Planning.


Since 2008, the Bartlett School of Planning has authored 23 books, co-edited 14 books, co-authored 258 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 103 chapters in books. Research has been published in journals such as Urban Studies, European Planning Studies and the Journal of the American Planning Association.


Researchers have been awarded a significant amount of funding from many sources, including ESRC, the British Academy and the European Union.


The Bartlett School of Planning is pursuing these initiatives:

  •     design governance (for AHRC)
  •     transport systems and infrastructure (supported by platform grants)
  •     governance in European cities (for the EU)
  •     a range of smaller projects addressing the cultural and property aspects of urban regeneration

 Research areas