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China Planning Research Group

Promoting advancement, collaboration and knowledge transfer of planning research and practices for achieving China’s sustainable urban future


China Planning Research Group (CPRG) is a platform for comparative studies between urban China and other parts of the world through linked seminars, workshops, exchange visits and conferences for British, Chinese and European researchers interested in China’s continuing momentum of urbanisation and profound urban transformation. It aims at promoting advancement, collaboration and knowledge transfer of planning research and practices for achieving China’s sustainable urban future. The group is currently under the joint coordination of Professor Fulong Wu and Dr Fangzhu Zhang, with the support of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers on urban China studies in the BSP.

CPRG organised 2017 International Conference on China Urban Development, one of the largest of its kind organised outside China. Highlights of the conference, held on 5–6 May 2017, can be viewed at https://urban-china.org/urbanchina2017/.

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Key areas of interest

Research at CPRG span across economic, social and environmental dimensions of the development, governance and planning in China. Key areas of interest include:

  • Migration and social integration
  • Spatial inequalities and residential segregation
  • Neighbourhood changes and governance
  • Urban poverty and deprivation
  • Suburbanisation and suburbanism
  • Land and housing development and politics
  • Urban innovation and regional innovation system
  • Eco-urbanism and environmental governance


Research projects

The financialisation of urban development and associated financial risks in China

Fulong Wu, Fangzhu Zhang, Nick Gallent (2017-2019, funded by ESRC-NSFC)



Governing the future city: A comparative analysis of governance innovations in large scale urban developments in Shanghai, London, Johannesburg

Jennifer Robinson, Fulong Wu (2016-2017, funded by ESRC)



Chinese eco-city planning beyond the ‘sustainability fix’?

Fangzhu Zhang, Fulong Wu (2017-2019, funded by British Academy)



Chinese informal settlements: Rethinking urban futures in the Global South

Fulong Wu, Fangzhu Zhang (2017-2018, funded by British Academy)



Global urban studies

Fulong Wu, Fangzhu Zhang (2017-2018, funded by UCL Strategic Partners Fund)


Urban energy innovation and transitions in China: spatial configurations and enabling factors.

Vanesa Castán Broto, Fangzhu Zhang, Fulong Wu

(2016-2017, Funded by UCL-Bartlett Faculty Synergy Fund)


Sustainable urban and rural village regeneration in China

Fulong Wu, Fangzhu Zhang (2015- 2016, funded by ESRC)



An overview of twinning and contact between UK and Chinese cities

Fulong Wu, Fangzhu Zhang (2015, funded by UK Government Office of Science)


Planning for Growth: International Evidence from China

Fulong Wu, Fangzhu Zhang (2014-2015, Funded by RTPI, UK).


China’s innovation and governance on high-tech science parks

Fangzhu Zhang, Fulong Wu (2012-2014, Funded by British Academy).