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Current candidates

Muhamed Agush
Muhamed Agush



The Turkish Question Revisited: US-EU Relations with Turkey Since 9/11

Francesca Akhtar
Francesca Akhtar


The Pentagon's Spies: A Critical History of the Defense Intelligence Agency, from JFK to Trump

Elliot Askew
staff silhouette


Requiem for Reality: An Intellectual History of the Response to Neoliberalism in 1980s and 1990s America

Alin Barbantan
Alin phd student


Free-Riding in the Far East: the impact of burden-sharing on US hegemony 

Daniela Belmar Mac-Vicar
Daniela Belmar Mac-Vicar


Love experiences and expectations of men and women in Santiago de Chile (1880-1940)

Sacnicté Bonilla Hernández
Sacnicte Bonilla



New Peasantries in 21st century Mexico: the defence and adaptation of rural life by campesino youth

Michael Byrne

'Succeeding Greatness' The problem of presidential leadership in the shadow of an exeptional predecessor. A case study of John Adams, Martin Van Buren, Harry S Truman, and George H.W. Bush

Carlos Cárdenas Escutia
Carlos Cardenas Escutia.


The history of the Mexican Conditional Cash Transfer programme

Camila Cea Moore
Camila Cea Moore



Upsetting inequality? An analysis of Bachelet's Higher Education Reforms in Contemporary Chile

Stephen Colbrook
Stephen Colbrook


States of Infection: Public Health Federalism and the U.S. AIDS Epidemic

Mercedes Crisóstomo
Mercedes Crisostomo Meza


Militant Women in the Peruvian Revolutionary Projects before the Internal Armed Conflict

Thomas Cryer
Thomas Cryer


‘Walking the Tightrope’: John Hope Franklin and the Dilemmas of African American History in Action

Fernando Gutiérrez Hernández



Attachment and memory: urban regeneration and the Alameda Central in Mexico City's historic centre

Josephine Harmon
Josephine Harmone



Coalition between Diverse Conservative Interest Groups and Gun Politics

Christopher Hoekstra



US Special Operations Strategy in South Vietnam, 1954-65

Mallory Horrill
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Victorian Image of Canada: English Gentlewomen and their Perceptions of Canada 1830-1900

Emily Hull
Emily Hull



Irving Kristol: Cold War Liberal and Conservative 

Shodona Kettle
Shodona Kettle


Reparative histories and healing contemporaries: A comparative investigation into transnational movements for reparations in the Americas

John Lawrence
John Lawrence


Explaining corporate compliance with the 2013 Peruvian governance code

Sailin Li
Sailin Li



Anglo-American relations and arms sales to China (1972-1989)

Yifei Li
Yifei LI


A carefully constructed unintended consequence: Development of Medicare as a patchwork system, 1965-1997

Thomas Maier
Thomas Maier


The Shape of the State to Come: Transnationality and the Social Imaginary of the Welfare State in Argentina, 1930-1952

Phoebe Martin
Phoebe Martin


Culture as protest: the uses of art and performance to tackle cultural gender norms in Peru

Digby Ogston
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Demand-side Challenges to Building Direct Taxation in Developing Economies: Evaluating the Potential of Informality in Redressing Low Tax Burdens of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Naomi Oppenheim


Countercultures of Print: History, Identity and Activism in Caribbean publishing in Britain, 1958-1982

Carolina Páez Vacas
Carolina Paez Vacas


The Children of Chuzalongo: the Politics of Motherhood in Ecuador

Agis Papageorgiou
Agisilaos Papageorgiou


Interventionism and Ideology: Greco-American Relations from 1947 to 1974 and their Historical Memory

Will Ranger
William Ranger


Society, Patriotism and American Civil Religion: A Contribution to the History of Mentalities

Remy Roberts
Remy Roberts


Postmemory and Political Action: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Argentina and Guatemala

Christopher Sarjeant
Christopher Sarjeant


The Forgotten Culture War: The Roots, Structures and Implications of Intellectual Divergence on the American Left During the ‘Long' 1990s

Cosimo Stahl
staff silhouette

Anti-corruption protests and contention in Odebrecht-ridden Brazil – a mere series of isolated protest events, or the work of contentious anti-corruption communities?

Midou Tian
Midou Tian



Promoting Peace? US Soft Power towards China, 1989-2016

Pablo Uchoa
Pablo Uchoa


Bolivarian Venezuela: Competing Models of Civil-military Relations 

Marieta C. Valdivia Lefort
Marieta Valdivia Lefort


State Project and Education: the construction of a whitening and homogenising national identity imaginary in Chile between 1900 and 1970

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Recently completed PhDs

Paul J. Angelo  (2019)
Paul J. Angelo

Security Sector Reform and U.S. Security Assistance Strategy in Latin America in the 21st Century: The Cases of Colombia, Mexico, and Honduras

Morgan Baker  (2020)
Morgan Baker


Regulations or Delegations?: How Congress Delegated Its War Powers to the President Through Discretionary AUMFs

Jaskiran Chohan  (2019)
Jaskiran Chohan

Between Compliance and Resistance to the Global Corporate Food Regime in Colombia: ZRCs and Prospects for Food Sovereignty

Elizabeth Evens (2021)
Elizabeth Evens


Regulating Women: Female Professionals and Gendered Surveillance in the Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century United States

Daniela Giambruno  (2019)
Daniela Giambruno Leal


Anti-poverty social policies in Chile, and concerns for social justice in neoliberal times: a vision from below 

David Gomez  (2021)
David Gomez


Canals and Borders: Economic Diplomacy and the Belize Territorial Dispute, 1845-1865

Mario Hidalgo Jara  (2021)
Mario Hidalgo Jara



Social Accountability Mechanisms and Controlling Corruption: the Case of Ecuador (2007-2016)

Maximilian Hoell  (2019)
Maximilian Hoell


What role for Washington? US hegemony and the diversification of Latin American international relations

Joshua Hollands  (2019)
Joshua Hollands

Work and sexuality in the Sunbelt: homophobic workplace discrimination in the US South and Southwest, 1970 to the present

Quintijn Kat  (2020)
Quintijn Kat


On the Basis of Consent: Subordinate-state Agency and the US Hegemony in Latin America (1990-2010)

Neil Kinghan  (2019)
Neil Kinghan


A brief moment in the sun: Francis Cardozo and Reconstruction in South Carolina

Iván Lobo Romero  (2020)
Ivan Lobo Romero


Agency in Collective Action: The Role of Afro-Colombian Leadership on Environmental Entrepreneurship in the Colombian Pacific Region

Kazuma Mizukoshi  (2020)
Kazuma Mizukoshi


The Workers' Party in Brazil: Implications for the Nationalization of the Latin American Left

Verónica Ramírez Montenegro  (2020)
Veronica Ramirez Montenegro



Participatory Democracy in Southwestern Colombia: Victims' Boards and Planning Councils

Eva Renon  (2021)
Eva Renon


Bring the firm back in: state-business relations in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia in the 2000s

Juan Sebastián Smart Larraín  (2019)
Juan Sebastian Smart Larrain


A comparative study of indigenous and rural coummunities' responses to human rights abuses by extractive industries in Latin America

Bethany Tasker  (2018)
Bethany Tasker


South-South Cooperation in Latin America: The Changing Face of Aid 

Anthony Teitler (2018)
Anthony Teitler

US Policy towards Afghanistan, 1979-2014: A Case Study of Constructivism in International Relations

Daniel Willis (2018)
Daniel Willis


The Testimony of Space: Sites of Memory and Violence in Peru's Internal Armed Conflict

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