UCL Institute of the Americas


Josephine Harmon

Coalition between Diverse Conservative Interest Groups and Gun Politics


Professor Gareth Davies and Dr Nadia Hilliard

My research examines the mechanisms and drivers of political co-operation among interest groups on the right who seek to protect gun rights. My specialist area is think tanks and interest groups, co-operation and the role of values in political action. I use political theory with qualitative methods. My research is situated in qualitative political science and political studies. It also speaks to historicist studies of politics, comparative studies, conservative studies and American studies.

My broader interests include whether political ideas impact real-world politics, what motivates political co-operation, political theory, political development and interpretative frameworks for conservative politics in the last forty years. In future work, I would like to pursue comparative work regarding institutional development in the US and Latin America, and explanations for the rise of Third Way politics.

Before my PhD, I was a public policy researcher in Westminster, working on EU policy among other things. My chapter on the future of the EU single market will be published in December 2019 as part of a policy report by the King’s College London think tank, The UK in a Changing Europe.

I use French, German and Spanish language scholarship in my research and support multilingual scholarship as part of good academic practice.

If my research interests you, please get in touch with me. You can find me on the UCL Experts Database. I am open to interviews and consultations.

Associate Fellow of the HEA