UCL Institute of the Americas


John Lawrence

Explaining corporate compliance with the 2013 Peruvian governance code


Dr Néstor Castañeda and Professor Paulo Drinot

My research interest is in institutional change because I consider that the quality of institutions is essential to a thriving society and as globalisation and technology change what is needed from institutions, increasingly they become out of step and dysfunctional. I am especially interested in institutional importation: the motivations behind such initiatives and how institutional forms need to change to operate fully in a new ecosystem.

In practice, I am studying change in corporate governance in Peru as a result of the adaptation of an OECD-inspired initiative to introduce Anglo-Saxon style governance codes into Latin America. This topic resonates with my own professional experience in corporate governance and in advising large firms and Peru is an interesting test case because of its relative economic success despite being widely perceived as having poor corporate governance.

I am planning a mixed methods project combining statistical analysis with qualitative research with professionals and corporate executives in Peru.