UCL Institute of the Americas


Pablo Uchoa

Bolivarian Venezuela: Competing Models of Civil-Military Relation


Professor Kevin Middlebrook

In my research I will test the most relevant, sometimes competing, civil-military models that can be applied to Bolivarian Venezuela, and bring to light elements that can help us better understand the nature of civil-military relations since the rise of chavismo. I will concentrate on the attempts to shift the Venezuelan armed forces from a puntofijista model to a Bolivarian model, investigating in which ways and how deeply the military has been transformed as a result of two decades of changes pursued internally by chavismo and externally by political actors who are rivals of chavismo.
Chavismo has long been one of my main areas of interest, and I have developed researched on it both as an undergraduate and a Masters student. I am the author of 'Venezuela: A Encruzilhada de Hugo Chávez' (Globo, São Paulo, 2003), one of the first books in Brazil to explore the subject, for which I received honorary mention at the Vladimir Herzog award for human rights. I have been living in London since 2005, and working as a journalist for the BBC since 2006, including a 2.5-year assignment as Washington, DC correspondent for BBC Brasil between 2012 and 2014.