UCL Accommodation


Postgraduate accommodation

Information on all of UCL's postgraduate accommodation and their fees are listed below.

All postgraduate accommodation is offered for 50 weeks and 4 days.

ResidenceSelf-catered / cateredRoom type (Glossary)
Ann Stephenson House Self-cateredSingle room (not en-suite) 
1 Bedroom Flat
Bungalow (2 Bedroom)
Arthur Tattersall HouseSelf-catered1 bedroom flat
Bernard Johnson HouseSelf-cateredSingle studio (en-suite)
1 bedroom flat
2 bedroom flat
Campbell House EastSelf-catered1 bedroom flat
Endsleigh GardensSelf-cateredSingle room (not en-suite) 
Large single room (not en-suite) 
Single studio (en-suite)
Large single studio (en-suite)
1 bedroom flat
Garden HallsSelf-catered

Townhouse Single 

Ifor Evans Hall Self-catered Single studio (en-suite)
1 bedroom flat
Langton CloseSelf-catered    1 bedroom flat
Max Rayne House Self-cateredSingle room (not en-suite)
Large single room (not en-suite)
1 bedroom flat
New HallSelf-cateredSingle room (en-suite)
Single studio (en-suite)
Large single studio (en-suite)
One Pool Street (formerly Pool Street West)Self-cateredSingle room (en-suite)
Prankerd HouseSelf-cateredSingle room (en-suite)
Double room (en-suite, for a couple)
1 Bedroom flat
Stapleton House (run by Unite Students)Self-cateredSingle room (en-suite)
Single studio (en-suite)
Accessible single studio (en-suite)
Urbanest King's CrossSelf-cateredSingle room (en-suite)
Urbanest St PancrasSelf-cateredSingle room (en-suite)
Single room (not en-suite)