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Private partner providers

UCL collaborates with a number of independent organisations offering private accommodation to students in London.

UCL offers accommodation to all eligible first year undergraduates and postgraduates. But if you are not eligible, miss the application deadline or have particular needs that UCL is unable to meet, there are plenty of private providers offering housing to students.

By choosing to use a private provider, you will have more say about preferences such as distance to campus, whether or not you have an ensuite, and room size.

There are a lot of private providers offering student accommodation in London. The providers listed below are UCL's strategic partners; providers that UCL has working relationships with and who at specific times of the year offer special promotions exclusively for UCL students.  If you’re interested in a hall where the promotion for UCL students has expired, or the UCL quota was met, you can still apply for accommodation in these properties on the provider’s website for the price advertised by the provider.

How to apply

  • Please apply directly to your chosen provider - UCL does not handle applications to private accommodation providers.
  • Location, prices and facilities will vary so if you are in any doubt, get in touch directly with the relevant provider and check their websites for the most up-to-date information.
  • The UCL Accommodation team will not be able to assist you.
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