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Switchboard Opening Hours
The switchboard is normally open from 09.00 until 17.30 on Monday to Thursday and from 09.00 until 17.00 on Friday. To speak to a UCL switchboard operator dial 100 from within UCL, 79-100 from UCL Hospitals or 020 7679 2000 from outside UCL.

What Switchboard Does
Switchboard's primary function is to assist and connect callers from outside UCL who either do not have an extension number of the person they are calling, or do not know exactly to which person or department they need to speak. Switchboard staff also provide the first point of assistance to UCL staff who have difficulty in making a call.

Standard of Service
We aim to provide a high standard of service to callers to UCL, and to assist us in achieving that aim we engage a company, THRA Ventures Ltd, to undertake regular monitoring of switchboard performance. To date UCL switchboard has been awarded the THRA Silver Certificate of achievement.

Answering Times
We undertake to answer incoming calls within an average time of 12 seconds (four rings). Switchboard's average time to answer an incoming call at present is around 9 seconds - that is about three rings. We undertake to answer internal calls to 100 within an average time of 15 seconds (five rings). This time is longer as we feel it is important to give priority to callers from outside UCL.

Out-of-Hours Operation
From 17.30 to 09.00 on Monday to Thursday, from 17.00 on Friday, at weekends and on days when the college is closed, outside callers who dial the main college number will be greeted by UCL's automatic call handling system which invites them to key in an extension number. If they do not have an extension number they are connected to the UCL Communications Centre. During these hours no 100 operator assistance service is available.

The Communications Centre is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week and its primary purpose is to provide alarm monitoring and emergency service co-ordination. The Communications Centre is separate from the Switchboard service and is managed by UCL Security.


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