The UCL Portering Service is able to carry out light removals and deliveries and the setting up of rooms for functions and events.

Portering requests

If you require UCL's portering services, please raise a service request through the customer helpdesk team.

We will require at least 4 working days notice.

What we need from you

Please provide the following details in your service request:

  • Contact details - with an alternative point of contact if possible.
  • Date - you would like the work carried out. 
  • Building and room details - at start and delivery points.
  • Descriptions - list of the items to be delivered or moved. 
  • Any other information - Are the items heavy? (ie, you can not move them yourself.) Do they include fixtures? Are there access issues?

Raise a service request

    Portering services

    Event and room set-up

    Please state any furniture or room layout requests when you make your room booking. These will automatically be passed onto the Portering team. 

    NB: Rooms will only be prepared for an event when this has been agreed in advance. We require at least 4 working days notice.

    Book a room

    Valuable and delicate items 

    If you require packing and moving of valuable or delicate items such as historic artefacts, art works, we recommend you contact a specialist logistics provider from one of UCL's contracted provider. These can be found through UCL's procurement list. 

    UCL's Procurement Services

    Laboratory equipment moves

    If you require the movement of specialist laboratory equipment, we recommend contacting UCL's specialist contractor, HRH Logistics Ltd.

    HRH Logistics


    If you have a large collection of waste or hazardous waste please raise a service request and call the customer helpdesk to arrange collection.  

    Waste and recycling

    Confidential waste

    If you have a large quantity of confidential waste please raise a service request and call the customer helpdesk to arrange collection. 

    Customer Helpdesk

    Electrical and Electronic Equipment

    If you have any type of electrical waste such as fridges, computers and computer monitors, please raise a service request and call the customer helpdesk to arrange collection. Please ensure you list all the items to be removed.

    Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

    Portering costs 

    Additional charges may apply for large or complex requests including the additional use of resources including personnel, equipment or vehicles. Otherwise, there will be no charge to UCL departments.

    These costs will be recharged to the client's Department. You are free to source your own contractor available through the Procurement pages. 

    Damage to UCL equipment or property, caused during an event, will be recharged to the event organisers. Please note poster boards should not be placed outside and sign stands should not be left in the open overnight.

    Risk assessments

    We may send out a Team Leader to perform a risk assessment prior to any moves taking place. Please bear this in mind when requesting a specific completion date.

    This may also result in the use of external resources.